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Timi is a 16-year-old girl with blond hair blue eyes thin body 37B breasts She liked boys so a lot of people thought she was a slut She didn't stick to the prettiest girls but she always dressed pretty provocatively
The only problem he had was that he liked to wrap the boys around his finger
For the first time when he was 15 he felt in class that the boys loved watching him At that time she began to dress provocatively Short skirts smaller tops and things like that
Timi had a brother two years older Chabi He was very popular with the girls because he was a quarterback on the school football team
He took advantage of that and his brother really liked it
Family tradition this weekend was that the family had breakfast together on Saturday morning First Timi came down pajama pants and shirt It was her sleeping dress she loved it and she didn't even think about getting a new one So every Saturday Timi would come down wearing extremely short pajama pants and a tight shirt with her tiny nipples through it
Chabi was already down there watching his sister but he knew she was his little sister and he didn't want to look too hard He felt embarrassed if Timi or his parents caught his eye
That went on for a while But the last few times Chabi noticed that Timi noticed that he was looking at her They were not angry or accusing look they were merely a sign that l
He sees you looking at him and he sees his dick twitching and he knows he did this to him and he likes his hard dick
In early June Chabi came home from soccer camp on Thursday night before going to bed he went up the stairs to his room and Timi came down to him He looked up and saw his sister clearly in a miniskirt and he saw the pink thong underneath He was surprised but luckily he soon got his eyes back on Timi's face
"Hello Chabi" he said smiling for a moment enjoying the effect on his brother
Timi left the house and left with her friends Chabi didn't like those girls He thought those girls were whores
"Shit "he thought" my little sister is just one of those whores " I never thought this would happen
He went to Timi Csabi's room with the intention of going to his own room which is after his sister's He was outside the door of the roombut he couldn't go any further he entered Timi's room It was stupid and he had a bad conscience going in
What the hell are you looking for? - he thought so
He went to the closet and opened the underwear drawer There were some sexy little thingsa lot of see-through lace thongs and panties
Chabi went into the drawer when he saw Timi's camera
He grabbed the camera and started looking at the pictures He saw his father and Timi having lunch saw some pictures of the dog playing in the garden Nothing much He was supposed to put it back when he saw Niki one of Timi's friends
The photos were taken on their last vacation at Lake Balaton That's when their parents let Niki go with them
Niki stood in the bathroom in the hotel room Csabi saw her standing in front of the mirror little breasts her thong line and she saw a clean-shaven pussy
He really liked what he saw He could feel his dick growing in his pants He clicked on to see if there were more photos but it was the only one
"You must have forgotten to delete this picture but I hope you saved the rest somewhere "he thought to himself
He went into his room All he could think about was Niki's pussy How nice and smooth she almost asked him to lick it
He was so excited he grabbed his dick pulled a couple on it and he came
When Timi got home she knew someone was in her room He would close the door when he left and now it was open when he came back
It must have been Chabi because her parents aren't coming to her room
He looked around and he saw them going through his underwear drawer and that's when he knew it was Chabi because he's been looking at him differently lately
He didn't want to think about it he knew he never wanted to fuck Chabi it's a sick thought
The next morning Timi woke up early to go to school He took a shower half asleep and he didn't lock the door just like he used to She was washing her hair when she heard a murmur You heard the door open
- Is anyone there? - he asked
No one answered so he continued washing his hair but he still felt as if someone was watching him
Is It Chabi? Could it be his father? - he had thoughts in his head he wanted them not to look but he thought it would turn the viewer on
She started slowly soaping her breasts and then her pussy and then she washed herself down and then she got out and wiped herself dry
He remembered that night Niki told him that the next day at school he wouldn't be wearing underwear or bras under his clothes


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