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I sat in the car and I liked the quiet with you Today is our seventh meeting I dressed especially carefully today Today I will try the impossible separate myself from you I'd like to do it quickly and painlessly I know it's gonna be really bad afterwards I'm looking at your face telling me how you've had a week I want to remember everything everything about you I'm going into the blue of your beautiful thoughtful eyes You're tired and I'm getting more and more emotional while I listen I'll take some of the burden from you It's not even a good word Every sound in your voice sounds like an echo in me After a while that's not enough I'm gonna put my hand out put it on your shoulder I can feel your breath your heartbeatand your voice How can someone be so erotic? You're the temptation
I'm watching you and I'm getting a high-level sense of everything that's going on with you You're wearing a thin sweater today one I found hot on the train I want to hug you and hold you tight I want to taste your intoxicating scent your skin spicy If I reached out and touched your neck I could feel myself lost
You once said that man is weak I said We were selfish All right if that's the way it's supposed to be if it's really my last night with you I'd like to get your attention one more time In that endless selflessness that you drugged and enchanted me the first night
I'm really into my own little world and you ask me what I'm looking at I never played with you and I'm not gonna play now
- Honestly? I've been eyeing your lips for three hours it's a challenge I'm weak too  My heart is in my throat and I have an unspeakable stomach ache I can tell you're pretty good at that sentence Your hand caresses my neck I melt into the blue of your eyes Like a lake of infinite depths I watch and mesmerize drawn to its depths I feel like I'm the only one on earth for you I don't want to think that's not entirely true right now
Your lips taste mine so delicately it's as if you're not sure of reciprocating as if you're kissing me for the first time I'm getting dizzy with this tenderness Before I know it your lips will kiss my ears your breath will gently shake my skin You hold me with one hand and hold me tight I love the power in your moves Your other hand is at home exploring my body The lust is all over me I need to taste your skin I'll drill my face into your shoulder hole and breathe deeply My senses are engulfed by the intoxicating scent of a man unlike any other (I once told you you were like a drug you're easy to get used to You called me "my little junkie"for weeks  I kiss you and taste your skin with my tongue I could eat you up
In the meantime you decide to attack on all fronts The target is my ears and your kissing lips telling me what you're going to do to me
 I want to feel you shaking with desire The way your nipples harden the way you completely surrender to my touch my caress I want to discover all your sensitive points with my mouth I'm gonna kiss your back from the incredibly sensitive back of your head to your round ass In the meantime I'd be touching your breasts and thighs with my hands()


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