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On Sunday night I took the train from Hajdús to Transdanubia expecting a long boring journey In the waiting room a lady approached me asking about the reason for the delay as she had just arrived Contrary to my custom I began to talk to her and soon found out her name was Eva and she was a nurse in pest It was a pleasant time until the train arrived and we sat in an empty compartment beside each other After a while he went to the bathroom and when he arrived I pretended to be asleep and he came back and he sat next to me After a while I put my hand on his knee pretending to sleep He took her gently but he did not move her and later I slid her up to the base of her thighs I pretended to wake up he looked at me but he didn't move our hands We watched each other's eyes for a long time and then our lips set off and they met in a long hot kiss By the time we got to the West our hands were fine-tuned with body parts to explore avoiding very sensitive parts I was happy to see her muscular thighs firm breasts Pesten walked me to the south and we started kissing again in an empty stall and after a few long kisses I closed the door and closed the curtains
He got up too so we continued our previous activity He kissed me close to me and I caressed his breasts and buttocks and put on his miniskirt and went on under We were already trembling with excitement but it was time to leave we agreed to meet on Saturday in Quay to continue our training to say goodbye with a long kiss I went to Füred in doubt after a chance meeting he would have a training course in the "I would have a nearby town" anyway I would at least go to the beach in Lake Balaton I was wrong after a few minutes of waiting he showed up After an unforgettable kiss I had a really good day He was there from kissing to touching In the water our hands met our most noble part but they were strangers to each other It was late at night when we were walking in the woods outside town continuing to kiss caress each other We were standing under a huge oak tree to kiss while I was putting on his miniskirt and touching his bottom and pussy which was already soaking wet with excitement He dealt with my hard-standing cock through trousers I laid low and slowly removed him from his useless garment while breathing a few kisses on his hairy chalice For the first time in my life this close to the door of lust He was leaning against the tree with his legs spread out and standing with his thighs I adjusted my tail to the entrance but without practice I could not get in We moved on with our clothes put her panties in her purse
In a secluded spot we found an empty bench which we quickly occupied and soon he took care of my cock which I returned by touching his pussy from which he began to moan but I was very close to the end As opposed to me he sat on my lap and went straight down on my dick I felt an unspeakable pleasure which soon drew my whole body into convulsions and I filled it in waves with juice hot pussy It will be a sweet comfort to you in any other way and tomorrow you'll get something like you've never had before and that was a start and he stormed off after one kiss I went flying with joy to my path and I was still sad that he had gone so unsatisfied that we had not even arranged the next day's meeting but that I had not hoped to see him
I walked to the meeting place yesterday around 9: 00 and I was surprised to see Eve sitting on a bench I was expecting you he said a little reproach after saying Good-bye After a few kisses we went for a walk and I didn't realize he was driving where to go and I was surprised and surprised when we left town
After a few hundred meters it led me to a part of trees and bushes where I saw a trail and we went into the reeds and ended up on a veritable island He told me in kisses that the local women showed him the hiding place His breasts were tense with excitement his nipples were nearly pierced through his thin T-shirt while my jeans were beginning to be very tight With his two hands on my neck our mouths met Hot our tongues entwined
Remember what you promised me I asked curiously now you can spoil me like I've never been I know the answer was and I will but right now I want to take a bath in the lake We took off our clothes in no time and jumped in the water naked surprised how natural he is moving in front of me without his clothes on I'm surprised how cold the water is all my prancing past is gone Well you're gonna have a job baby and I told Eve ' cause this cold water didn't do me any good He laughed merrily and later pulled me over the sand gently and began to caress my body At first his hands ran through him and then his fingers ran through his mouth His lips ran up and down my body and they stopped in the middle on my half-hard tail


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