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I was up in my room with a girl and we were watching a movie We watched the movie together With one hand on his back the other hand on his hand He sat on my chest watching the movie Every once in a while a kiss broke out
At the end of the movie I turned on some music we listened we kissed we caressed each other's bodies I caressed her face her shoulders her back her waist her mouth her face her neck her ears bit her gently I sighed softly on these and the clenches of my hand clenched in my hair were the reactions I decided on the bed and fell on it Sometimes I'd put my hand in her hair and I'd rub her ears her neck and the back of her head and I'd kiss her He started petting my body going down the side of my pants reaching under my shirt caressing my back He reached out and caressed my chest and the shirt was around my neck and soon he was on the floor by the bed Slowly my hands began to move down caressing the side caressing the waist the abdomen and touching her breasts through the top First I caressed one then the other
My lips followed my hands and I began to kiss her neck lick her cleavage And then through top I touched her with my lips one of her breasts her hard-standing nipples In the meantime I gently pushed the top over the girl's neck which she sent to the T-shirt with a gentle motion Now I caressed her through the bra kissed her breasts her nipples His hands were turning my hair into a haystack and as I looked up I saw great joy I tried to get rid of her bra but having experienced my misfortune (to put it mildly) she helped me carry out the "difficult" task
I could not get enough of their sight when the magnificent mounds were opened up to me: I looked at them with their prickly nipples The girl gently pushed my head back to her breasts telling me not to just look at them I didn't have to say it twice I gently kissed her breasts her nipples and licked the part between her breasts I wet my index and middle fingers and while I was sucking on one of his nipples licking biting and pleasuring the other with my fingers rubbing pecking She stroked my back while she was doing it and sometimes with her nails she would gently pull it over
After a while there was a "breast swap" and I picked up where I left off I licked her breasts all over kissed her kissed her and went down with my lips towards her navel When I reached her belly button my hands caressed her side and they went down to her hips With my lips and tongue I began to pamper her belly button kiss her belly and go round in circles I've been stroking her thighs with my hands for now through pants Sometimes I'd kiss him in the fog trying to get rid of his pants I gently unbuttoned it and then gently pulled it off He was willing to lift his butt to make it easier I didn't pull it all the way down to his knee And that's when I saw the lovely thong covered with Wonder I kissed her belly button one last time and then I slid gently towards her iliac crest with my tongue As my tongue progressed the sighs grew deeper Over to the other side and there I licked a little
I looked up and I saw his head leaning back and his breasts all over the place and his breathing was irregular I thought I heard little screams My hands used to caress the outside of her thighs but now they're moving to the inside They were slowly moving up as I caressed the upper rim of the thong (the lower abdomen) with my tongue When my hands reached the thigh I felt a strong grip in my hair and with it a push motion which directed my head down Because my lips were on one thigh so I gave in to the movement I moved on to her thigh stroking her belly with one hand and the other thigh I walked slowly very slowly towards his knee and my hands followed my head When I reached the area of the knee bend I pulled the pants off so I could get even more access to his thighs I spread his legs a little bit and I kept on licking and kissing him I went up the other thigh and when I reached the thong I kissed the thin little tissue The reaction didn't go away a scream came out of her throat
The first kiss followed a few more and then another round started on the thighs When I reached the knee bend with my lips I lifted her buttocks and I started pulling the thong off her I pushed it down and when I took it off I snorted one I returned to his thigh in a stupor and I was moving slowly up When I reached his thigh I lifted up and gazed at the sight of a shaved "miracle": the lips were completely bare but there was a little strip above them I watched her bewitched and watched the effect of my breath The Greyhounds had already separated a little and it seemed to be leaking liquid I leaned over carefully and touched it with my tongue()


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