Teen gets huge facial after deepthroat

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Let's start with Lola's story Lola is a very beautiful and desirable woman He's got long red hair that rolls softly on his shoulder These are accompanied by beautiful green eyes He's built like a graceful gazelle And your story is very juicy
"We were going out with the girls it was Saturday night We went to a place that wasn't very fun because this is where we met the guys Here they come It's a poor setup but two men picked up on it from the start They're tall muscular and extremely desirable I thought it was time to hit them One of them asked me to dance We were in the middle of this when Kata joined us with the other guy I kept shaking my ass until the other man had his eye on me I thought it was okay from here on out I stood between them and every move I made was erotic I tried to reach out to both of them I got tired of it around 2: 00 in the morning and thought I'd head home The boys ' willingness to help was unprecedented The three of us are on our way home I really enjoyed it with those two guys But let's speed things up We're home Hmm what happened next could be the lovemaking of my dreams We had a few drinks at home And then we went to the kitchen to look for some food I've been wandering around my apartment in what you might call a very deficient outfit The two men were up to their necks in costume I thought they might be hot so I sat down and caressed them Well what can I say to them? It's always been my dream Two men just waiting to see what's right for me When we got really hot I took them to my specially developed room This place has everything you need to get laid Handcuffs whip vibrators so everything The two guys were a little surprised but they didn't protest We undressed each other I took one of their arms and led him to the pipe by the wall I handcuffed him And I pulled the other one to me I felt his hard-looking masculinity What dimensions This is just right for me We walked up to his friend I knelt in front of the man's butt and I dragged the other one to my butt - Come on puppy and lick my pussy Well I was up her boyfriend's ass first with my tongue and then I was up her ass with my finger He enjoyed it very much I thought you could use a little harder on your butt So I attached the vibrator I stood behind him and I put my "dick" up his ass Meanwhile her boyfriend was squatting under me and licking my pussy What a feeling When the noise had reached the right level I thought it would be nice to add a little more I handcuffed your friend with it I changed the strap-on for the little penis to a nice size one I shoved it back up his ass and in the process I started to tease his friend's ass with my finger That's fantastic The two guys with their dicks in their hands were waiting for the moment of fulfillment Of course they could have waited a while because I had no intention of letting them go so fast When the other guy's ass was wide enough I took turns fucking them I got my dick up the other's ass I felt it was time for me to enjoy myself()


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