Brune française

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- How the hell did I get here? "I have asked myself for the last time when I gazed with astonishment at the spacious drawing-room of the Great House of Rosewood swimming in candlelight The Baroque style equipment was as unusual as it was interesting I've seen this in museums a thousand times but people live here People who took advantage of all the possibilities of luxury and connected the pleasurable to the useful Even the garden was dazzled by its beauty with its decorative shrubs and Tufts arranged in a charming manner and then the imposing building dazzled me with its beauty It wasn't so cuddly but it was livable and a little mystical where you want to rest
I was walking almost carefully on the marble floor of the circuit following my friends Alexander who was my childhood pal in a suit carried Bernadette by his side in black lacquer The woman I barely knew I only met her a couple of times The last time you and Danny tried to force me to have a big pep talk about my depression after my divorce a few months ago He was the one who was bombarding me with sweetly direct hugs and obscene comments to come with them for one of those night-outs I didn't say no to him just like I don't say no to other women I let myself be persuaded to participate in a party that wasn't important to me but I had nothing to do with Betty's strong attitude and convincing arguments
The woman herself a little chubby with long blonde curls and waist-long hair extensions was not my type however as a female being I liked her very much I was impressed by your exhibitionism and your directness His outspoken speech often amazes me but I must admit in a manly way that despite all the times I've been avoiding this type of woman it really worked for me I enjoyed his company and the only reason we didn't get along was because I respected Sanyi's friendship more than her charm Betty despite being a little silly at times felt that very well and whether she was flirtatious or provocatively sat on my lap she never ventured further I knew she was the kind of woman I had to reach out for and I could have her And that's why I was here right now in the sumptuous villa of a wealthy entrepreneur with whom I recently made a deal Betty was the middlemanshe recommended me Well that was the useful part And what was pleasant? Being part of a sex club
In addition to the mood lighting in the light of all the candles my friend introduced me to a bunch of people I don't know It was mostly just entrepreneurs and politicians who were relatively wealthy and sufficiently discreet to participate in such an event Most of them were wearing suits dressed in elegant attire and only after the first round of alcohol had begun to behave more abruptly Unfortunately the girls representing much less numbers greeted the newcomers with loud chirping They were all dressed up in dresses sexy tights high heels most of them bare shoulders and thoroughly exposed breasts For some even their backs were naked in my eyes Not what I expected but the atmosphere in the room was a pleasant surprise Betty introduced me to some of the dumber girls but I wasn't in the mood for them and then as a rookie I wasn't hitting on her Unlike the old acquaintances who gave each other the baton the girls I mean
At the end of the room Jean Michel Jarre's oxygen was very discreet I was sitting in one corner right next to the little bar where an older waiter measured the amount of stress-relieving alcohol immensely Not that I wanted to drink I just squeezed a glass of red wine
This whole get-together soon after the initial admiration it took away my mood and it just made me feel sorry for myself instead of chasing a girl who was willing to be me out of a variety of girls who were wandering around in front of me As time went by I became more and more depressed I had a painful image of how casual couples disappear in small rooms decorated in modern style to satisfy their desires then come back for a drink and continue the rampant hunt Other than me there were plenty of people who didn't honor girls with their unfulfilled passions who came only for the sake of drinks and there were those who only sought pleasure in their own sex It's a good thing these guys left me alone
Betty noticed that I wasn't feeling very well and instead of clothes she took a sheet on her back and she aimed at me barefoot He wanted to carry me with him even flashed his naked breasts for effect but he knew it was a sort of tribute and it wouldn't really work I admired this woman more and more and it burned my soul that the woman I loved so much left me for someone else I couldn't get over it()


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