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I can barely breathe My heart beats out loud every beat of my chest trembles noticeably We're sitting in the back row of a movie theater hiding from others Although "hiding" isn't exactly the right word there are few in this room and no one is listening even if they did they didn't show much interest in us My date is sitting on my left Her long hair is in pigtails her face is both masculine and feminine because of her large blue eyes and delicate skin Pectoral muscles appear sharp under your sweater She knows about you her gifts and the effect that she has on me I'm looking at the canvas and even though the frames are constantly flashing before my eyes my mind is somewhere else I can't get through to my brain I'm too wrapped up in my thoughts or rather I can only concentrate on one thing the hand sitting next to me Although the room's climate is cold it's not the cold that makes me quiver As if by accident she gently caresses my bare thighs with her little finger I pretend not to notice but I can't hide my excitement I breathe louder and louder as his movements become more and more clear of his intentions
There's a good thrill running through me I'm all excited I'm looking sideways He looks at the film with a lumber face as if he was so busy but his hands tell me that he's not exactly thinking about the bad plot of the film All of a sudden he looks at me he takes his hand off my thigh and he puts it over my shoulders He digs into my hair for a few moments he looks deeply into my eyes and then he pulls me to him with no resistance straight to his lips I can feel his tongue in my own mouth It goes around every corner of the number gently and violently This alternation is driving me crazy While his right hand still holds me to his lips he goes on to explore my body I forget about the outside world I feel like I'm about to come and nothing's happened yet Just a kiss Suddenly he turns away and as if nothing had happened he watches with further feigned interest the so-called boring horror film He doesn't even look at me when he lifts my hand to his lips and then slowly starts kissing him and sucking him in his mouth one by one Until now I couldn't imagine what was so hot about it but now I feel like all the nerves from my fingertips are running directly into my groin When he lifts my fingers from his mouth the hand closer to him becomes free which I place on his thigh and I gently caress him from his knee to the top but at the base of his thigh I change direction and I begin to go down again I play this for a while and then I pull my hand back just a moment later on the way up but that's enough to feel the effects of a few minutes At this point the hands that have been resting on my thighs are back in action they are now under my miniskirt but they are still only on my feet I suddenly feel the chills and my nipples hardening as I feel the next step as her fingers side to side rub the lace of my tiny underwear and my smoldering skin underneath I'm getting wet and I'm slowly if you keep this up it's gonna hurt my panties And then for a moment I'm afraid when your "active" right hand pulls away from me and puts your arm around me "That's it will you finish it?"'I say to myself but I feel a sense of relief as soon as he turns over and continues to discover my femoral region with his left hand Yeah well it certainly fits me better that way
At this moment the whole auditorium is jumping up and down and there are ripples from several places low screams including my place After all we were in a horror film and if I were a believer I would surely begin to bless the Lord myself and I believe despite appearances I did not make a strong moan about the scary scenes on the screen In that moment when everyone else was freaked out by the sudden scene Szabolcs placed it in my vagina the middle finger Your finger glides in and out of the tight slot and then after a few moments you continue with 2 fingers


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