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2002 end of the year between the holidays 9: 30 pm (about) the kids are asleep we take the three-piece couch in the bathrobe after a shower we watch the TV
Looks like tonight's gonna be a lot like any other night I'm gonna sit on one side of the couch my dear and he's gonna lay on his back and put his foot in my lap so I can cream and massage his feet And then he goes to sleep on a very sloppy show and we get to go to bed separately to sleep
We haven't had sex in over a week Last time I really enjoyed her lying on the bed and I caressed her back with my stiff tail then her neck gently on the side of her face and she licked me And then I went down and he lifted his butt and I slipped into his wet pussy
I can see it now his eyes are half closed Then why are you wearing this short bathrobe? It just covers the half-spheres so lying on your back you can make one careless move and everything will be revealed
I killed one of his feet and as he changes his legs the robe opens up in frontI love the way you massage my feet It's a good thing she doesn't like it so I don't have to return the favor But I'll make it up to you There is because we used to be together But he rarely takes initiative I'm gonna play a prank on him tonight
I wonder how long you can provoke him I'm looking under my half-closed eyelid As I change my legs I "accidentally" open my robe I shaved my labia in the shower last night) we'll see how he respondsHe did that on purpose or by accident? The black shaggy shows up which is different but I can't figure out why My manhood will be ready in seconds but the long cloak will hide it I love her long thighs silky skin and this innocent display I hope you're watching staring at the center of my body your fingers are spinning a little bit something seems to be taking your mind off things
Then we move on I hope this little game wasn't" fruitless"His free foot starts to move gently it seems he's trying to get under my robe I'm helping him so the next thing you know he's got his graceful foot in a throbbing hot meat cone And his eyes are still closed
Since his feet far away from me are free he caresses the bottom half of my tail with his fine skin It feels beautiful I hope you know what you wantI gave in to the feeling anywayI try to find (I hope) his prancing rod with my foot but in the plump cloak it is harder than I expected And then maybe he'll help me and then what I'm looking for finally shows up -- the pale-light pole I'm gonna take care of right away
He seems to enjoy it his fingers hardly move on my feet turning his head back
I had no idea it could be so erotic as my feet glide up and down on a hot penis I'm just sitting here enjoying myself Sometimes it slips lower and its delicate fingers massage the hairy pouch stretching the string furtherVery good Hot stiff tail I can control the movement Sometimes I poke the two balls and it seems like you're okay with that But now you can let go of my other leg so you can do more interesting thingsGently pull the other leg out of my hand and by stitching two feet together it starts to excite more
That is so hot He caresses me up and down moving more and more vigorously Maybe we should stop before I spray you but this is so much fun there's no power It's much better now Both my feet get the delicate feeling at the same time It's good to see my darling's pleasure and I had no idea a stiff penis could be so erotic between my feet I wonder if I can get him to the top like this And that's what it's like when he spills his seed all over me?My desire is growing and I'd love to caress her pussy but her thighs are closed so I can't get between them I feel like there's not much left to go onYou seem to be enjoying what I'm doing But it gets wet for me too I'm stepping up the pace the pre-fluids are brightening up the tight head That's more than I can handle
I can feel the stream starting from somewhere deep that can't be stopped I hope you don't want to stop now because then I'll finish it myself
NOW NOWmy body tightens and the fast-moving "vise" squeezes the last drop out of me
That was fantasticI can see the signs of impending orgasm on my sweetheart
If possible I will squeeze my feet more tightly try to speed up a little more stroke them up and wait for the climax
AaaaaarrggghhhhhI can hear the sound of air coming out of the lungs and I can see the spraying fluids coming out of the bright firm acorns in a new wave I keep moving and I can feel my feet covered in hot liquid The air is filled with the harsh smell of a man()


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