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I'm a 27 - year-old man with a good-natured not too big but a nice 6-inch penis On the outsideI was in a happy heterosexual relationshipbut on the insideI struggled with repressed sexual desires and I did everything I could to hide them deeply
All in all I'm pleased with myselfI'm considered handsomeI always make sure I don't get fatand I even exercise every leap year My six - inch cock is supposed to be average size and even though I've never had a partner complain I thought it was small and if I didn't have to I didn't undress in the dressing rooms I noticed early in school that my classmates have a much larger tool Maybe that size comparison led me to find Dick and men attractive ever since If I had to of course shower in shared showers but only if it was built for a pay phone In the dressing rooms I would steal and watch them walk around naked undisturbed talking or making jokes with each other I was very envious of them The last time I was naked with my friends was about 10 years ago when we went to the lake to take a bath and stuffbut my sexual interests have changed a lot since then My girlfriend knows nothing about this and she won't accept it
At my current job the shower is designed with thin metal columns in the middle of the room and shower heads facing four directions So we're facing each other in the shower which is why I was avoiding it because I was afraid I'd get a boner if I had a man standing in front of me with nothing on
One summer day I was sweating a lot at work and because I had some work to do in the city and so I decided to take a showerbut I'm waiting for everyone to finish after the shiftI knew about when to go when I got to the locker room the last two men came out dressed I went to my locker I took my clothes off I took my towel and my shower I usually get hard just because I'm naked in a foreign place not to mention someone might even see it I could feel a little blood flow right now but I was so busy with the plot that I couldn't get it up Just to be safe I went to the last shower with my back to the door and I got right to it I was soaking a few minutes ago when suddenly they said hello I was so caught off guard I turned around and saw him walking towards me naked with a shower gel in his hand (The towels should be hung by the door and mine was there so I couldn't hide myself in case of an emergency I said " hello" and since he was far enough away I saw his naked body which unfortunately was my ideal Aaron was younger than meabout 22 years old and he wasn't fit but he was very good almost athlite He played football and swam a lot I knew that about him but I didn't know him that well Sometimes we'd run into each other at work and we'd have words but he was too cool for me and "worldly" I had an inferiority complex with him so we had a little distance But he just walked in front of me nakedwith his bare - hanging beautiful tail swinging back and forth on his walk There was no hair on her bodyand there was no hair on her face just her haircut I was a little calm and happy to see him but I started to panic when he came closer and I realized he was walking to the shower head in front of meI couldn't even look at my dick and see how he wasbut he wasn't exactly calmFortunatelyI was so scared that life was saved I was focused and the next few minutes were hell and heaven at the same time
- Mind if I join you? "At least it's not so boring" he asked
- No I'm not I'm almost done anyway - I said
He started telling me about work stuff and he thought no one would be here that lateI listened I answered sometimes but I was in a hurry I leaned down to the ground to get a shower gel and I couldn't help looking at his dick because I'd been watching eye contact the whole time
It was a lifetime experience I wasn't even a foot away from this fucking sexy boy's tooland up closeI could see that beautiful cock which was a lot bigger than when I saw it a few minutes ago He wasn't prancing but he was half hard And then a little blood pumped into me too but I took my mind off the bath Meanwhile he leaned down and I saw him looking at meThat excited me and now I'm not so ashamedIn the meantime I unwittingly swiped it to re-soap it I haven't been with my girlfriend in a few days because of the Red-Day holidaysand she looks a little bit biggerand now I'm a little excitedI was kind of proud of my penis and I really liked the way he was measuring meAlthough I did give it a chance to imagine it


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