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I quit when school started Studying and playing in the afternoons I've noticed so much change in myself I've been sneaking around more and more with the girls Sometimes I find myself completely immersed in the gaze of a girl
That wouldn't have been a problem except I left my eyes on girls much older than me It was either a laugh or they just sent me to a warmer climate That leaves the fantasy of the girl who introduced me to sex In the meantime of course I was eager to handle my tool I've jerked off four or five times a day If it came at me I was able to get out of class Then into the WC drop your pants and go That's exactly what I did the other day I beat myself in the sitting part of the boy'S toilet sat on the board my legs stretched out stiff my back against the wall and I pulled the skin up and down on my Acorn My eyes closed and I almost came when I heard something Back from my trance I heard clearly that a woman's voice sounded urgent
- Jerk off and get your feet in I can't clean this damn toilet
That's the cleaning lady Which one? The old always grumpy big-ass aunt Teri (then could be between 40 and 50)or the younger ancha skinny always so flat-eyed?
I was stunned How do you know what I'm doing? Was I loud or did I say something?
Then the voice again
- Come on Do your job go because I have to wipe it up there
With my dick in my hand I sat on the toilet scared and wondered if I should go out
If I go out now he'll see me he'll know me and the whole village will know what I've done
My dick was lying in my hand That's it I thought
I went for it put on my shorts and I quit
It was the skinny one He was kneeling on the stone and grumbling
He looked back over his shoulder and asked with a grin:
- Did you like that? Are you relieved?
I don't know what the hell's gotten into me but I got so angry I answered him
- The hell you are You scared me I had to stop and my dick got smaller I couldn't do anything
Even I was amazed at my own words my courage
So I wanted to make a quick sketch
But Anja wouldn't let me He grabbed my pants by my butt and held me back
I was standing in front of him and he sat on his heels and he looked me in the eye
All of a sudden I felt his hand sliding up my thigh under the stem of my shorts
What the hell does this skinny guy want? I thought so
By the time I remembered Anja was massaging my balls
He wouldn't take his eyes off me His eyes glistened and smiled
That little new massage at the bottom set off the familiar feeling in my spine and now my pants are tight
Then Anja took her hand out and suddenly pulled down my pants
My dick popped out of the grip staring at her face like I thought she was gonna jerk off
But I didn't have time to think
With one hand under my balls he began to caress me and with the other hand gently retracted the skin back on my Acorn
I was all tingly my dick was throbbing stretched I closed my eyes and waited for satisfaction
He caressed my balls very well gently one at a time one at a time
And that's when I felt something very warm First it's on my Acorn then it's on my dick
He put it in his mouth Slowly he pushed it down and down turning his head
I could feel the roof of his mouth with my dick and he'd get in and out of his teeth and I'd go down and down
It was incredible And then he let my dick out and he went deep again My whole dick was in there In and out and he moved his head As he went in the Acorn puckered in repeated it several times So playing on my Acorn I really enjoyed it
He was very good at his job When I felt I was leaving he used a new technique
He took it out of his mouth licked it around bit it slightly sucked my balls


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