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The next day I started out a little tired We were very quiet at breakfast Damita took turns looking at us
- Guys what happened? You're both so fucking sad
"I had a bit of a bad night" I replied reluctantly lest I should tell you something of my troubles
- What about you? When was Carlos here?
"Yesterday" said Juanita with a deep sigh and it seemed to me that she was struggling to cry
- Did you have a fight? - Damita kept asking him
'No' replied Juanita standing up 'I'm sorry but I must go' she said retreating
- What's wrong with him? - Damita looked at me - You know something
- I didn't shake my head
"But if you could you would tell me" he put his hand on my arm
"Of course" I said " We are friends I have a class in Lexington today Please get him to tell you what's wrong and help him if you can You know how important it is to me and you of course When I get back we'll talk about everything We're up from the breakfast table There was no one in the room Damita looked at me for a moment and opened her arms and embraced me Her big breasts were soft against my breasts and I shuddered a little So far we haven't touched each other except for our debut handshake and now I'm really embarrassed I quickly unfolded and hurried to my test
At dinner there were only two of us at the table Just like Juanita this morning she was very quiet and as she ate her dinner she said goodbye quickly By the time I finished dinner he had already given half the evening pills and handed the rest to me without even looking at me
- Juanita what's wrong with you? - I did Do you feel bad?
He shook his head in silence and I thought I saw tears in his eyes He turned around and left me in the hallway holding me with the drugs I was supposed to hand out I spent the whole night wondering if I did something to offend you or if you're just worried about the kid Is there something wrong with Carlos? I was very puzzled It would have been nice if my doctor had been there and I could have asked him for advice and at least examined him Last night I lay on my bed trying to read a book but my mind just kept getting lost
If someone else had hurt him I'm sure he would have told me a long time ago My caller just rang and one of the guests had a problem Going back to my room I stopped by Juanita's door a little bit I was eavesdropping a little bit and it sounded like someone was crying inside I knocked on the door gently and the door opens after a while Juanita stood in front of me with her crying eyes and it was clear she was getting out of bed His white bathrobe was loosely bound on his embossed belly showing his swollen breasts slightly apart He turned his back and sat down on the bed I went after him a little bit and I stopped before him He put his elbow on his knee and buried his face in his hands I was at a loss and I sat across from him in the chair
"Tell me what's wrong" I asked
He didn't look at me for a while and then he started talking really slow
 Ever since I got pregnant Carlos doesn't want to make love to me He says he loves you very much and he fears for the child Even though I told him it couldn't hurt and I love him very much and I wish him all my affections kindly but he averts them "I so desire to make love to him" he said and bowed his head  No matter how much I caress myself I can't be satisfied I miss his mouth his embrace his body the smell of his hands the way he grabs my breasts and my butt "His cock as it crushes into my cunt" said he with a repressed temper Yes "They were still inside me" he said touching his middle finger and index finger But that's not enough I want you to lie on top of me and I can feel your weight So I can grab her ass and hold her To suck on my tits Am I crazy?
- No I'm not No you're not It's perfectly natural
- No it's not that I have to satisfy myself even though she has a great husband and that's all I have to spare If I didn't love her so much I would have sex with the first man I haven't been able to sleep properly for weeks and I don't want to take sleeping pills because of the baby
- Should I talk to him?
- God no If she knew I was talking to someone about this it would be a man's pride
"We'll think of something" I interrupted
- But what? "Juanita asked and she began to cry 'I am so ashamed' he said sobbing
I sat next to him and drew him to me She hugged me desperately and I let her cry I held him with my left hand and with my other hand I began to caress his face She hugged me and as she hugged me her robe was completely open She was completely naked underneath As I caressed her face my elbow touched her breast He groaned and pressed his chest against my elbow When her crying stopped I reached into my pocket and wiped her face very gently with a tissue


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