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You want a cognac or a beer? Oh that's a good order Okay let's start with the cognac and then I'll open the beer cheers Now where were we? Yeah right where it all started and where it all went down Don't take this the wrong way I have a mirror I know I'm handsome I have a cool figure and even though the monkey is bragging about his dick I'm a little over the Hungarian average to say the least I mean I'm really into girls and I have ten fingers on every finger but I don't want to disappoint the poor so I'm gonna cut them off real quick before we have any more serious questions about gender identity You know I was kind of an advanced pretty kid in the fifth grade and even then I was attracted to a lot of people on the outside and my dick which of course was just guys in the beginning strangers in time and I guess that's how it all started It's a long story but I'm going to try to remember it exactly the way I did when I was ten and a half years old and the way I thought things with my mind at the time and then we're going to move forward in time Don't worry I've got enough booze to last me till the end of the story)
The alarm clock started ringing I woke up in half a dream muttering curses and put the blanket on my ear fussy but the clock continued to ring with the harsh piercing sound of the quilt To hell I wished for this dreadful noisy device which with an indescribable precision indicated that the good sleep was over dragged me from the world of dreams relentlessly back to reality which also meant that instead of sleeping in a good warm soft bed I would have to go to school to suffer for the good part of the day I waited for my mother to come in as usual in the morning and push the clock out of bed and then warn me every five minutes about the passage of time but now the door was locked and the clattering didn't want to end either I was desperate to open my eyes and sit up and look at the clock The sparkling sunshine blinded me and when I finally found it was eight o'clock I jumped out of bed terrified I came to my senses in no time and then falling back to the edge of my bed I began to laugh loudly I felt a great relief because I remembered that school had been out of school for two weeks and the only reason I set the alarm was because I was supposed to meet the guys at 9: 00 Six or eight of the boys in the village hung out with each other all the time we were really good friends we had a lot of fun and today we planned a huge bath at the back of the Tisza I cleaned up real quick got dressed put away the food my mom made and I was on my way I met Tony on the way my classmate and my best friend and we rode our bikes to the store together and there was the meeting We bought chocolate soda and while we were waiting for the others behind the building we noticed the Lacis who were apparently also going to the beach Laci was 17 years old she was in high school and all the girls and boys she was with were in high school only the two boys in eighth grade were younger than the ones we went to school with They were passing around a bottle of vodka they were all drinking and then Laci looked at us said something to the others and there was a big laugh and Laci came up to us
- Hey What's up balls? I see you guys are going to take a bath come with us we have an awesome place I think we're gonna have a great fucking time Okay for the party?
Tony and I were surprised to see each other because the Lacis never spoke to us they treated us very contemptuously and we were always snotty-nosed peeps in their eyes because we were just finishing fifth grade
"It's not just the two of us" I said " We're waiting for the others"
- All the better - said Laci with a grin - It's clear they can come with us We don't want to stay here too long Until they arrive we'll have another hoop Would you like a sip? - he gave us the bottle
Tony accepted he drank then he offered me a drink but I turned him down:
- You know I hate booze
- Okay don't push yourself - relaxed Laci-no violence in the pig's throat But we can only drink right? - and pulled the bottle again Meanwhile the others arrived The kids were thrilled to be going with the big guys and when the band started we were all excited to go after the others After a good ten minutes of riding we arrived at the river Laci led us on a path unknown to us and at the end of which in a small corner of the river bank a large fine stretch of coastline appeared where they were hiding We put our things down we put our blankets down and we started stripping and then I got another surprise because I saw the big ones take off all their clothes the boys the girls they didn't even leave a bathing suit on()


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