Teen stepsister stucked in duvet cover and was abused in anal

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My name is Gabes I'm 19 I live with my parents in Budapest I took odd jobs after graduation but I finally got a job at a spice company However I had to attend medical examinations for my entrance exam and I had a prostate exam which was very memorable for me
I'm telling you the story of this investigation
I was really nervous especially when I found out I was getting an enema because I had a bowel infection when I was a kid and it was on my medical record so I wanted to look deeper into it
- Come on young man don't be afraid
The nurse was a 50-something fat guy so I wasn't so burned when she put the tube to the tank lying naked in my butt He put all that lukewarm water in me
After that I spent half an hour in the toilet and then I washed up and I waited in the hospital gown for my turn
It's after 3: 00 in the afternoon so I caught the doctor and his assistant talking before I joined up
 Kares I have to go to the bank can't you take care of the last patient on your own?Would that be a problem?
- Oh it's nothinggo ahead Just lock the door behind youI don't want to be disturbed by a new patient outside the waiting room
The other man did it and then he disappeared from the room and I was just glad that there was only one person who was going to take care of me
As soon as I saw the doctor I lost my nerve even though he was a handsome 30-something big blue eyes handsome face a tall muscular body covered in his cloak
- Gabor right?  he smiled at me while he looked at me From head to toe my six-foot strong but proportionally muscular body
"Yes" I stammered blushing
- I don't Bite My Name Is Dr Charles Smichdt- I condescended to him and then I lay down on the examination table my legs hung down and he lifted them up with his gentle touchThen his eyes deepened above his stack of paper on the table next to mine
- All right let's get started It's no big dealit'll only take a few minutesWhen the doctor got up I saw how tall he was taller and wider than me
'Relax' he said putting his hand on my chest and rubbing his big hand all the way down to my navel I don't know why but it felt really good and I shuddered at it and my dick moved in terror and it started to stand up
- You like that? "he asked me sensibly and I could not say a word but I rose more"
- It's all right and then he bent down and took my nipple and started sucking it sensuously and I thought I was dreaming
His hand played around my dark pubic hairexcruciatingly aroused and my cock stood so painful Then he gently touched my ACORN a little to the side of my penis followed by his hand under my balls
- You're a really nice guy I like your pretty face your brown eyes your body and your dick he looked at my groin I was still mute but I swallowed it with great astonishment I was shocked by this behavior but I was also very impressed He leaned over my groin and then pressed the cool surface of his stethoscope against the side of my dick He smiled at me and I looked back at all those who were stuck in the gutter
- Let it go baby it'll be fine
He took my acorn and sucked it rubbing his own groin with his hands his standing cock under his drawn trousers his cloak rolled up
When the best was done he stopped moving down nodding up on my penis and then took the thing like a dildo into his hands The thickness of the bone also reminded me of a tail
- Spread your legs I need to examine your ass- The man grazed the hole in my ass and then he started circling with the probe head He had a string hanging out of him an ultrasonic prosthetic He started circling around my butt hole and then he pushed it in soft but I was still tense and then he started licking me again and sucking me which almost made me come
-Now we're gonna shove it up your ass and make sure everything's okay And then he stuck the heavy plastic up my ass


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