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She wasn't a junkie Only very rarely used any drug it can be exclusively natural substances Not because he couldn't have a good time without it but he took a pretty liberal view that he couldn't have an opinion about anything until he tried it and if he was smart he had nothing to worry about "Anyway it helps me expand my mind"he thought as he lit his cigarette on fire He smoked a lot of it smoked a little bitter smoke and kept it down as long as he could He gave the joint to the boy he barely knew only knew his first name and that he was a friend of a friend of his No more but he didn't care He watched the kid talk and he smoked his cigarette again He was already starting to feel the long-lost tingling in the back of his neck watching the sounds colors movements around him They were surrounded by a lot of people talking dancing but then and there at the house party it was just the two of them They just looked at each other didn't say a word just smiled
They both understood the most important thing
- Come on let's go someplace quiet - the boy spoke after putting the cigarette butt in the ashtray He held her hand and led her to the other room They sat on the bed and started talking They told each other old stories talked about unimportant things and yet they felt like everything was supposed to be here or there everything was fine life was wonderful and it had to be like that with them He kept looking into the guy's eyes while he was talking and he felt like he could feel his thoughts about what he was gonna say Not because he knew her so well but because he could listen to her with all his attention and he would take her every step of the way and he really knew what she was thinking at that moment At this moment the laughter burst out of his chest with great force The boy did not understand for a moment what he was having so much fun but he laughed with him
- I'm reading on your forehead what you're thinking - he pressed the words and laughed No he laughed more so much that he hurt his stomach
He was lying on the bed next to the boy curled up shaking his shoulder and chest
- Um what did I write for you? "he asked a little more earnestly and he stopped laughing sat up looked deeply into his eyes and replied in a low voice:
- That you want to have sex with me The boy didn't answer he just kept his head down He didn't have to answerthe situation was clear The girl continued:
- Let's have a good time It's a party tonight everything's free and nothing
- I hear you "he said softly and he really understood"
They felt like they'd been talking for hours But when they looked at the clock it was less than 15 minutes They felt the urge to dance in their feet they stood up and the rhythm of the music began to move "I've never danced so well"he remembered and approached the boy Their faces were two inches apart and all they cared about was each other's eyes Their bodies were moving to music on their own but they were no longer locked in that biological prison They felt their spirits asking for it intertwining in some other dimension dancing there I didn't touch you it was unnecessary The girl has never felt so alive as a look caresses me as a thought surrounds me she has never made love to a look I didn't need any words just the music and the two of them They knew that now only their spirit stimulates one another that they had a real thought orgasm almost at the same time They sat back on the bed smiling while the boy broke the silence:
- You the room was full while we were - and indeed there were ten of them dancing in the little room
"How serious" said the girl " they watched us make love - he burst out laughing again - It's a good thing we're the only ones who saw it "he whispered in the boy's ear and he felt that he thought the same thing he thought"
It was getting a little hot in there so they both went to the balcony at the same time They'd light a cigarette and enjoy the cool spring breeze caressing their flushed faces They felt the strange calm flowing from the night dancing around them
- You look beautiful "he whispered looking deeply into her eyes and she smiled Normally she didn't think she was pretty at all she was short and a little full but now somehow she believed it He didn't get into any banter with the guy he skipped all the rounds that a woman would have had in a different situation he knew he was having a good time he was happy with everything and that's what he looked like
- What do you want from me? "he asked without passing as he watched the lights of the deserted city"
 You know what we just did I just want to feel you with my body "said the boy taking his hand and bending to his face stretching his lips to kiss him She ran away and said:


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