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Hey guys
I'm klari and I've been happily married for a year Gábor is a very nice guy I love him very much He courted me for a good two months while I gave myself to him To be honest I expected a little more from him but his long dick still fascinated me I love it when I hold the tool on both hands and I still see something to suck on And he looked good
After the wedding we moved in with her parents Gábor has cute parents Her mother Ersike is over 40 but no one will tell
Luckily she wasn't the typical mother-in-law type and we became friends in minutes and after marriage we were totally comfortable with each other In the bathroom we were often naked together It turns out with two minor differences we were almost the same size height shoe size and even the same body weight I had a little bigger breasts but she had such a seductively round and strong buttocks that every time I thought about it or saw it I kept dreaming about how it would be nice to do a little piggybacking between her legs But I often found him staring at my breasts with a rather strange expression which I long thought he envied She had nothing to be ashamed of either They're getting a little soggy but that's itshe kept the shape of the pear
I looked at my father-in-law in a completely different way I got involved with him too but I could never call him anything other than " Dad" He was so serious and inaccessible He used to play sports he had a great figure but the cappanhaal was already visible around his waist I ran back from the car once and when I walked into the apartment he was walking right in front of me naked as a mother Well what can I say his dick didn't look anything like his son's Dick Above his two balls there was almost no trace of hair
And yet there was something about Dad that was very hot and especially attractive But I didn't even have the courage to admit it to myself for long
Until his birthday He turned 45 and Erji threw a little celebration in his honor For the first time I had an experience that showed that with Erji we could be more than friends As usual the men stopped dancing after a while so in boredom we went dancing with Erji After a while we held each other a little tighter and I felt excited by his touch I looked into his eyes and he seemed to have the same feelings Especially when he turned more and more so he could push his forearm against my chest And when no one was looking at us he gave me a little kiss on the bow of my neck There was a chill all over me and I wanted to lick her pussy But he ended the dance and sat with the others
But the best was yet to come With the guests leaving the four of us sat in the living room for another good hour Erzsi ran out to the kitchen from time to time Gábor went out once in a while helped him carry out all the dishes On a time like this I don't know why but I leaned over Daddy for a bottle of booze There was of course some provocation to show her a little closer to my breasts and I could see that she was okay with it But I didn't count on losing my balance and falling on Dad My breasts were pressed against his chest and his hand pinned between us When our eyes met he almost screamed that we were thinking the same thing But he had more evidence because I could feel his dick underneath my hip like a rock And not at all the size I saw in his nakedness
Dad turned red like cancer but I couldn't have been any less colorless I bothered to apologize and he said even more confused that nothing had happened When I finally got back in my seat my eyes kept looking at that part of his pants where his dick was hiding It made him more embarrassed but it seems the desire was stronger than his confusion because his pants were getting more and more tense I finally got the Ersikes in and the spell was over Dad's calmed down I've calmed down too Anyway we were all retreating
But in bed while I was sucking Gábor's cock I wondered how much he looked beyond my two hands and when Gábor put his long dick in me I wondered how thin he was and how long he could penetrate me
From that day on I had regular erotic dreams about Dad I fought him because he acted like nothing happened that night in the first place But no matter how hard I tried to drive away my perverted thoughts they kept coming back and coming back and when I fell asleep his muscular figure appeared to me And I sucked his dick i fucked him in all kinds of positions and he licked me so much he'd stick his tongue in my ass all the time Sometimes I got so wet in the office I had to keep clean underwear in the drawer all the time()


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