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Itauré rode alone down the mighty marble staircase He felt so lost in the Great Palace of the pharaoh which was crowned even by his tiny stature He felt like he was drowning and he was running down the stairs out into the backyard Thimun came across him as Pharaoh's right-hand man and general in one person As always she gazed at the Princess's stout figure her graceful figure and looked into the eyes of a turquoise which lit like a jewel and lit like lightning The Great Black Crown fluttered after her leaving a sweet scent that instantly squeezed the young officer's heart He turned after the hurrying delight and gazed upon the round which was the most beautiful thing to be seen The graceful legs were resting in gold sandals which fluttered on the marble stones and then disappeared in the turn leading towards the garden
Thimun could smell the princess that had haunted him since the first time he met her She saw it before her like a gem so straight and elegant so smoothly glistening alabaster's skin was not affected by the rays of The Sun by the perky curly hair by the sublime scent of the pampering oils by the rich breasts of the male eyes His slender waist his whole size so graceful that ordinary mortal might think that it was made so perfect by the careful hand of the gods and more beautiful not to create but impossible to guess
The general couldn't get rid of the girl's picture He saw the moment coming to take advantage of his frustration and to confess his feelings which he could no longer stop
He found the object of his desires in the backyard cooling in the shadow of a fig tree
- Good Morning Sunshine - said Thimun kindly
- At Your Service General "said the girl in a low voice who suspected that she was struggling with crying"
- Your grace and voice are so painful May I know the reason?
- Oh Dear Thimun It doesn't matter I have no reason to play in front of you anymore I can say with confidence that ever since I saw you I've longed for you but I've never had the courage to admit it to you It's not my place to speak I know but what's the point of being reasonable when my life is over from tomorrow?
 Oh your highness this is the most beautiful and painful day of my life Such talk is rare to my ears I never could have hoped that my holiest feelings might be returned but what would stand in the way of our happiness?
The girl approached her new sweetheart holding her hand as if praying to her and crying out these words:
- My life is over Father the Golden Snow has decided to marry me to the Duke of Huke this month Within a quarter of you I must travel to Nubia from which I can never return I have days within the walls of this palace and then I will never see you again Such bitterness
As he stood there sobbing his flawless body clothed in the White cloister reminded me most of an angel and Thimun wished instinctively to protect it
- No I will never allow that You can't take me away from here
- It would be foolish of you to disobey my father's will and you know it you would be put to death
 But I can't just sit here and do nothing
- Do me a favor I have no wish to donate my innocence to a man I do not love or even know Let's meet on a secret night and weld in each other's loving arms so that at least there will be a sweet memory locked in my aching heart I can take with me to the barren Nubia
Thimun believed that his ears had played tricks on him for he had never dared to dream of such pleasure but the longing look of the girl said more than a word leaving no doubt in the man
"Your request which is also my most secret desire I am happy to grant My Lady and in every way to please you so that I may serve your happiness"
 My servant and I will send you all the details tonight "he whispered in Thimun's ear and ran away quickly for he knew it was not time for the first kiss"
Hours later the secret events of the backyard were still rattling around in the general's mind when someone was knocking on his door It was late and the time had come to board this time to sail through the night to fight the ASP snake which if successful could rise again tomorrow
It was Senen Itauré's handmaiden who gave the man a carefully rolled papyrus scroll and then bowed deeply Thimun tore up the secret scroll with a burning face hoping the Lady of his heart would share the information about his "love affair"with him That's exactly what happened After reading the text a thousand times he walked up and down his room pressing time
Meanwhile Itauré was preparing with a beating heart and he was overcome with excitement filled with fear()


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