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The next morning John got up early to do the yard work that he did on the weekends He loved working in the garden he enjoyed it now When he was well sweated he rested and joined the rest of the house to have breakfast together Kelly looked at her funny when she sat at the table but John just smiled at her looking at her nipples under her shirt
- Dad Are you playing golf today? "asked John as he began his breakfast
"Yes" replied Jason  Tom still thinks he can beat me one day I was really good yesterday and he wasn't so he didn't make it again Maybe we'll get our revenge today
- Can I come with you today? - John asked
- You want to play? - Jason asked surprised  I thought you decided a long time ago that golf wasn't for you
- Well if I'm going to be a successful broker I need to be able to use the golf club right don't I? - John asked - Didn't you say you do your best golf?
"That is absolutely true" said Jason proud of his son remembering the advice he had given him
"Then I must start studying as soon as possible to be very good before the time comes" said John - If you don't mind I think if I pull my weight I'll beat you in a year
"Now that's a bit much" said Jason  You may beat me one day but I think it's gonna take a little more than a year
- Let's make a bet - John offered to take a deep breath - I bet if you take me with you for the next year if you go golfing I'll beat you in a year from now
- What kind of Bet did you have in mind son?
- Well if you win I'll be working for you all summer
- What if you win? - Jason asked
'I don't know' replied John sincerely  But you will have to grant me a wish whatever I want then
- Well that's wide
- I thought you were absolutely sure you couldn't lose to me not even a year from now Have you changed your mind?
- Oh no - Jason laughed - All right Let's make a bet I like the way you take that risk I like it a lot
While the conversation was going on Kelly was busy eating breakfast but she blushed when she realized what John was trying to accomplish Kelly was wondering if she'd have the strength to go through with it When he looked at his brother John smiled as he was pleased with the way the first part of his plan was so well implemented However the next part will be more difficult as you will have to find a way to have the conversation with Tom Henderson the way you want it to be Well there's gonna be a good time he thought with confidence and then he can make his fortune
John finished his breakfast and went to take a quick shower before leaving for the golf course with his father When he was done he went back to his room and he almost jumped up to the ceiling in fear because as he turned in he saw Kelly John's cock came to life immediately and it stared ahead full of blood
'It's good to see you still happy to see me' said Kelly laughing as John blushed to his ears - You're really gonna do this?  he asked John while he was getting dressed
'If you still want it' replied John in a T - shirt - You want it? - he asked Kelly - It's not too late to change your mind
"I think I'll try" said Kelly - Mostly because he's Becky's father Becky can be such a bitch sometimes it'd be fun to know I'm fucking her dad
- Okay well I'll try to talk to Tom while I play golf
"And I want you to be there when we do it" said Kelly
- Jesus Kelly-John stared at her - You're asking too much
- Why would it bother you?
- It's not about me I'm sure most people don't want an audience
- Well then tell him that because I'm still in high school and inexperienced and so on the only way I'm gonna do it is if you're there
"Well I can try" said John  But what if he doesn't agree to this part? Will you still do it?
"Not sure" replied Kelly - Maybe but it would be better if you were there to watch
- But why? - John asked surprised
'Because I want you to be so turned on by someone else fucking me that you can fuck my soul out of me' said Kelly smiling
'You could tell me and it would have the same effect' said John
- No I want you to watch I want to perform for you
 Oh my God Kelly you are one kinky brother - he laughed John - But I'm fine with it But now I have to go play golf
- Hurry back - Kelly said and then suddenly he leaned forward and kissed John holding the boy's tail with one hand through his pants - I'll wait for you at the river


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