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It didn't seem like a vampire bar to me at all I saw no fangs no bloodshed and the black velvet wasn't too pronounced Everything was very ordinary
I got myself a glass of red wine and I watched Actually I didn't really know what I was doing here except I've been walking past the Point for months wondering what it was like inside I heard the rumors - everyone heard them-about vampires sex and fornication and then on Friday night after two glasses of red wine I decided to watch it for myself So I put on my deepest cleavage boyfriend-attractive mini-dress and I went on the road
I felt like a little kid in adult conversation like everything was over my head and I wasn't involved As I took a sip of the red wine the intoxicating taste of the fruit flooded my tongue and the alcohol calmed my thoughts I'm gonna finish my drink and then I'm gonna leave and I'm gonna make up my mind because I did what I was gonna do Okay it turns out it wasn't the exciting erotic adventure I dreamed of no vampire ever wanted to bite me in the neck but everybody knows vampires don't exist
As I finished my last few sips I noticed two very dark very handsome men next to me One of them is wearing a red shirt
he was wearing the other black and they looked like they'd just come out of an aftershave commercial and they even smelled like it I felt drunk and I knew it had nothing to do with wine
I put the empty glass on the counter and I was about to get up when I heard the hot redhead calling the bartender
- yeah and another glass for the lovely lady sitting next to me please
I looked up and he smiled at me I looked down and I put it in my hair
"Thank you" I replied As soon as I was able to remember how to form words with my mouth - But I was just leaving
'Let it be for the road then' replied The Man In Black Husky with a French accent and bent over his friend
- I'm JeanThis is my friend Sebastian
I shook his hand He had a cool but strong grip and his touch drove all thoughts out of my head except for a very naughty thought
"Hello" I replied as he let go of my hand and began to caress my skin with his fingers - I'm Carrie
- Hello Carrie  Sebastian stitched my fingers together with his and there was a tremor running down my spine - I've never seen you here before
"No I am here for the first time" I replied still holding it with his hand and I did not want to attempt to pull away in case it would offend him but it was becoming a little uncomfortable to be too friendly Not that his touch was unpleasant but I enjoyed it too much
"OH A Virgin" said Jean - We like Point virgins
- What do you do with them?  I asked him I didn't realize how flirty he sounded until the words came out of my mouth
- Let us show you  Sebastian pulled the hand he was still holding and led me to the dance floor I laughed and I looked back into Jean's winning eyes and she just shrugged her shoulders and followed us to the dance floor
I didn't know what song they were playing as we made our way into the writhing crowd of dancers but it was slow I realized that when Sebastian put his arm around me and pulled me to him the moment he made room for us in the middle of the dance floor
"Wow you don't waste any time" said he holding his arm around my waist and I had to hold on to his shoulder to hold on
- I've been impatient all these years Flattery is a waste of time especially when there's a hot woman involved
"Oh" I replied My mind is confused with fear and desire No doubt I wanted to be in your arms but I was a little surprised by your direct style Maybe it was good enough I didn't have time to think so I didn't even have time to explain myself out of the situation
I started rocking in front of Sebastian when I felt a hand on one side of my hip and on the other I did not shout but I was a little petrified when the familiar exotic accent did not murmur in my ear
- Hey you started without me that's not fair
Then all of a sudden I find myself between two hot men in the middle of the dance floor of an exotic club Me a model of reliability and sobriety Carrie
They all seemed like a very enjoyable dream but I knew that when I woke up it would disappear because it didn't happen to me
I tried to put my doubts aside while I was trapped in every girl's wildest dreams I will not be held back by my usual cautious nature
- You smell good  Jean's voice came from my ear soft and purring and the French accent made the already hot situation even more spicy - I'd like to put my teeth in you right now()


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