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- Morning Dad "I was awakened by a cry from my sweet sleep and suddenly I began to think that my evening companion was still here and she might have run into Liza" It wouldn't have been a problem but I didn't want to have to explain to him why his father has casual women in his bed
- Hey Baby How are you?
- I just got here the sun is beautiful and I thought I could spend the weekend with you Plus yesterday I was playing beach volleyball with the girls and I pulled my back out
- Well I'll get myself together in a minute so go change for breakfast and you can soak your back in the hot tub I'll give you a massage if you want
- Okay that would be great come on
I'm a 43 - year-old senior executive at a major corporation I've been living alone lately but it hasn't always been like this For eight years I spent my days as an exemplary family man and I had two wonderful daughters My youngest Liza is now 12 and my big daughter is Gina who is currently studying in England 16 My divorce was due to estrangement as my appointment increased the amount of my work and unfortunately I neglected my wife At least that was the answer to why he cheated on me For the sake of the children I took on the role of a disloyal party and moved out of our family house and left the two children with their mothers The divorce was very hard on my big daughter who turned away from me but the little one took it well because it was very small at the time
After that I threw myself into life and soon I became a stable-looking relationship that ended in a marriage and then a few months later a divorce I've been cheated again and I think it's convincing me that the problem is with me I wasn't looking for a lasting relationship I was consoling myself with casual partners and throwing myself into work
In the meantime I bought myself a lake house where fortunately no one lived nearby It was an island of tranquility which due to my good financial condition I equipped with all earthly goods I brought my lovers here but I didn't let anyone settle in with me I have created my own empire for my daughters in the house but unfortunately only my youngest daughter has taken advantage of the opportunity more and more often Ever since she was a big girl she'd come and go between her two homes whenever she wanted That's how it was this morning or so I thought
- Breakfast is ready
She came in a light summer dress and her bathing suit's colored panties came out of it He didn't wear anything on top and he didn't have to because he wasn't very advanced Thin tall just like her mother it crossed my mind She laughed at me and carelessly threw her blonde hair behind her back From her brown sun-kissed skin her blue eyes almost lit up A lot of men are gonna break hearts and I smiled to myself
- How was your week? - he asked while he was getting ready for breakfast
- Nothing special just the usual For you?
- Well beaches in all sizes
- Why don't you and the girls come here? You'd have the whole house to yourselves during the day
- I don't think you'd like their son to come
- What Son? You said you were out with your girlfriends
- They always have boys where the girls and I show up
 Yeah well I don't know I'll have to think about that Do you see any danger of being alone out here in the House?
- I don't cross-examine "and he said after a short thank-you he hurried out into the yard" He dropped his clothes off at once to drown in the pool
I'm packing up and checking the water temperature in the hot tub I also set up a massage bed to make sure he had my promise and then I rolled his back Because he was still out there and I wasn't in the mood for the cool water in the pool I went into the hot tub The hot water and The Fizz were intoxicating which gave me a loud splash
 I thought you were gonna follow me into the pool You could have gone skinny-dipping there  Liza implied that I was completely naked in the water
- I wasn't supposed to go "I answered as I came to my senses and noticed half my stiffness" The movement of hot water did the trick
I looked up at my daughter and it seemed as if she had just caught her eye from my genitals It's probably childish curiosity but I was embarrassed and to resolve the situation I thought I'd get out That's when I realized my towel and robe were so far away I had nothing to do with the way I was getting out I looked upon my daughter who watched my operation with no secret curiosity
- When you're drunk come and I'll drill your back - I told you and I went to my bathroom because I was getting more and more active
What's wrong with me? I don't understand I haven't been with a woman in a long time and there's nothing that could have aroused my interest I was thinking and when Liza looked at me I suddenly felt like someone had grabbed my dick()


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