Fucking Canadian model at my Hotel in New York-More via Onlyfans

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In 17 years of marriage I have tried several situations positions and locations with my sweetheart to maintain the diversity of our sex lives We also tried the three-way version in both versions and the two-way four I think we're pretty open-minded about that too
One time I was surfing the internet and I caught my eye on an ad for a Swinger Hotel Somehow we've missed the swinger club visit so far Though it has stirred our imagination more than once But now I'm thinking that our annual spa trip will be at this swinger hotel this year I brought it up to my lady Then we went to the hotel website together After that night we made love and decided that we were really going to hang out there this year
Fortunately our children and in-laws are used to going away for a few days every year and we're lucky that the hotel is in a town with a thermal bath and several wellness hotels so we didn't even have to lie about where we were going
Well we couldn't wait to get on the road In the meantime it's been really good for some of our time together trying to imagine situations that we're gonna have
We've talked about this a lot on the way there and I can tell you we got here pretty excited At the reception the lady a few years older than us kindly received US He acknowledged our arrival and then handed me the key to our room and briefly explained the hotel policy and made it clear that we should also read the brochure in our room (which we already read on their website) and follow it If we didn't agree on something we wouldn't have come
I liked the whole hotel in the pictures but it was even more beautiful in person The twenty-six rooms were situated on two floors and the pleasant red walls of the corridor were decorated with erotic images and figurines and the music of silent lovemaking was constantly playing When we got to our room we looked around a little disappointed because it was smaller than the average hotel rooms We barely had room for a double bed and a closet for our clothes Then I realized how it was written so the rooms are small so that the other common rooms have plenty of room for action And the rooms really are just for sleeping
We took off our clothes and took a shower and in doing so we took a little hand job to relieve the tension which we had built up in ourselves and drank a glass of the ice-cold champagne prepared there After a short rest we took the robes placed on the bed which were pleasantly soft and warm We've decided to look around and see what other options we have My wife put on a very sexy see-through bikini and I put on a trunk thong And then the robe again and so we set off
First we went to the pool where there was a bit of a hiccup with 6-7 participants They pampered each other on the spacious platform by the jacuzzi while some of them joined them on their way out of the pool when we got there At once some invited us but for the time being we refused because we wanted to look everywhere For a few minutes we admired them and our blood started bubbling again
We also went to the sauna where there was no one except in the tepidarium two women licking each other in sixty-nine positions They saw us but they ignored us But we were admiring them too and I was massaging my sweetheart's breasts under the robe and she was pushing her ass hard on my lap and her hand was massaging her pussy through the Bikini Bottom Then he reached back and grabbed my tool and led us out to find the gym where the action was taking place A very full-bodied woman was sitting on one of the benches and two dicks were sucking on her and admiring themselves in the mirror wall opposite her But after a few minutes my little lady took the next step I love the way he's leading me by the tail
We looked in the arcade where no one was there so we looked at all the toys and some of them we were just wondering how to do that But we'll see about that The Lady-man went to the swing seated himself in it and pulled his underwear aside from his wet pussy called with his finger to feed the little hungry For a moment I ate my eyes at the sight of them At the opening and offering of a woman who has worshipped me for 20 years and loved me as my wife for 17 years Then I started to massage her clitoris and her little lips with a very moistened Acorn And she gave me a clear sigh that she liked what I was doing After a few minutes of massage I circled the vaginal canal and listened to his increasingly loud moans()


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