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He heard voices
He endeavored to return to the shore and to the secret place for he intended to wait for the boys to undress and lie down on the sand
He stopped The voices came from her clothes at the base of the tree
His first thought was to be discovered: the boys could go off the path and notice the folded garments The one you arrived in and the one you intended as a costume in case you didn't have the courage to walk up to them naked His second thought was a diagnosis of detection but without the boys he hoped for he distinguished at least four voices and could be understood
- Mom there's clothes here
- Panties too
- I'll check it out don't touch it
- If it's panties your father's interested
- Two girls ' dresses
- It's just panties
 Leave someone else's clothes and their master will come back for them
- But mom Where are the two girls? The panties and the panties?
- Which one do you want?
- Drowned?
- Let's get him out
- Dad's got the undies
- Leave him alone Let's go up that way
- Are they sunbathing there?
- Or they drowned there
- Mom can we find them?
- You're out of your mindwhy would we be looking for you??
- Dad can we find them?
- These panties are so tiny
- Don't you dare touch her
- Baby smelled it
- All of you come here now
- Let's go that way Mom the beach is sandier there
They slowly moved away A few more times it was possible to recognize "panties"from the fading sound
Emese was relieved to cover the beach but it would not have been good for her to debut in front of a whole family - a mother a father and three children - for a long time wanting to show off her naked face In addition the sound of a speedboat has increased perhaps the former movie theater will return to a repeat
He returned to the starting point with a great leap to witness so many of his voyages the shadowy tree He sighed a great deal and as he was he sat on his clothes
There wasn't much to wait a girl showed up
- Get out of here - Emese whispered The girl passed at Emese's feet with ease in the opposite direction of the popular family He was followed by a couple and they went the same way
- What's going on today?  It was only now that he realized that he had tried to take everything into account and that it was unnecessary to rehearse the role carefully even if he had forgotten the calendar: - it is Saturday - she recognized him He hoped however that this would not mean a great migration of people by the river
The boys have finally arrived
They kicked the sand less than usual and hung their noses a little bit and Emese guessed that they had not yet managed to get a woman
- Well you guys have me - he smiled
The boys however did not know about this and they ran into the water with a terrible shock They were cooling themselves for a relatively long time two or three times bashed in their heads and then they came out swinging One of them in the usual way pointing forward despite his small size while his buddy swung his trunk like an elephant
"Two more minutes" murmured Emese feeling satisfied that his feet had begun to wet
The guys got over it heads in the shadows hands on the wieners
- Shit the Ditke didn't come out
- I told you he wasn't cominghe promised
- Just a minute - he breathed out slowly deep breaths Emese From his lair he could slip two paces straight between them - I'm leaving in 30 seconds
But on this day fate was in a funny mood and it turned out to be a bigger Director He showed me who's boss on the riverbank
Emese Rose decided in one second that his entry would happen naked
At the same moment a girl came into the picture from the right The same person who went in that direction earlier And if that had not been enough to provoke the enmity of the enmity he not only approached the boys with ease but said with ease:
- Hey
- Son of a bitch - hissing Emese from the shadows
One of the boys let go of his wiener in confusion and looked up at the girl leaning over him:
- Hi Ditke
The other seemed hesitant to stop the activity or to pretend that nothing had happened as long as it was possible to remain indifferent with a standing cock
 I was looking for you guysI went up the beach for a long time Can I sit here? I haven't seen anyone but a fisherman and there's two of them fucking - Ditke was talking he wouldn't let the kids talk
Just as in another scenario which Emese had dreamed up he stomped around a little as if there wasn't enough room and then crossing one of them he sat down in the middle of the two boys


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