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He wanted to take it real slow that night Everyone was already in bed but I waited in my room until about midnight Then I snuck down to Brigi's room and quietly opened her door The lights were off and she seemed to be asleep But as soon as I walked in I saw him turn towards me
- Kevin? - he whispered
- Hi - hi
I closed the door behind me and came closer to her bed He sat up and looked at me excited which I could take out even in the dark
- We have to be quiet Marci will hear
Between my brothers ' rooms there was only one wall and their beds were directly on the other side Brig was right if the bed was squeaking or one of us was moaning Marci would have heard
- So how are we gonna do this? - I did
Brigi thought for a moment nervously biting her fingers
 I promised you a show so I'm gonna get naked
It was dark but not too dark so I saw Brigi take her shirt off and then she pulled her pajama pants down to her ankles Without thinking she stripped naked in front of me so I could see everything I think that was the point Her boobs looked really good better than I imagined Her pussy wasn't completely bald like Marci's but she was pretty cut up
- What do you want me to do? "he asked as he watched me measure him from head to toe and did not conceal anything from me" Apparently he liked the fact that I was attracted to him
- Let's do it then together? - he asked realizing I hadn't planned anything before I came here
- Yeah sure I guess he didn't mindhe was enthusiastic - Come sit next to me
I pulled down my pants and joined him We both sat naked on his bed although it seemed a little strange it was very hot The flag was up and Brigi noticed it He measured my dick and slipped his hand down to his groin
- Go ahead he encouraged me - Do as you see fit
I grabbed my dick and slowly started pulling it It would have been better if the lights were on but they would have noticed I had to put up with it but it was still more exciting than anything I'd ever seen on the internet or in person
Brigi's breasts began to move up and down as she began to rub her clitoris with more definite movements He didn't start out as slow as I did He seemed to get right to the point Our feet touched as we lay there while we both did it our own way the way we felt natural It was really nice to be so open with a girl that she could see this side of me I've never masturbated in front of anyone before except earlier today It seemed strangely intimate but in a good way because we were close brothers
Brigi got to the top very quickly much earlier than I did She moaned softly her hips went a little lower from the bed as she moved them towards her hand His eyes were closed tight as he came I kept dragging him around while I was watching him but it took me a while to get ready too He calmed down and opened his eyes looked at me with those innocent eyes but he came right back not out of rhythm to rub his cunt
- That felt really good
- That's what it looked like - I answered - You came so fast
- I was so turned on - he admitted it with a smile
It helped me get to the top even more than watching my sister masturbate Knowing my sweet brother went to my masturbation was very exciting I started beating faster while I was gently rubbing myself under my balls
 Where do you usually enjoy yourself?  he asked me while he was focusing more on me than on you
- On my stomach - I told you breathing a little - Depends on where I do it
- Where else did you come? - Now you're very interested
- Me a tissue a trash can an old T-shirt the toilet the sink  The list just kept going but it seemed to satisfy his curiosity


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