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I was vacationing with my sister at her grandparents ' house when this happened I was a bit of a late bloomer so at the time I was just looking at girls and daydreaming We took the new bikes to the village because the grandparents didn't live far from us Back then my father's sister who was only a few years older than me lived with my grandparents and had no one Looking back on it she had a great figure and huge tits but I didn't notice that at the time because we're related
So we took a vacation there for a week and in the absence of a place one of us would always sleep in the same bed with him and the other one would sleep in another room So there wouldn't be a fight between me and my brother because it was fair The first day was my brother's and then I came along
The second day he told us he wanted to try the bikes and go for a ride to the village
He was always dressed in shorts in the summer but he was wearing tight shorts that day the kind with the cut-off and a shirt that didn't even reach his belly button and the bottom wasn't wedged because that was the style
Of course the second round was mine and he was carrying my bike in that circle A racing bike We're on our way He's up front I'm behind him
I told him to try to drive it fast And he changed his grip on the steering wheel And I almost fell off the bike by surprise I didn't want to believe my eyes because his shirt gave me complete insight I used to look at her breasts whenever I could and I'd try to position myself so I could see them for as long as I could so I felt sorry for her when the circle ended I really liked it I couldn't get that view out of my head for the rest of the day And then the night came and I was on the line to sleep with him Because it was warm it was just a mouthful of thong and a shirt with a little light on it You could see it because there was a light coming in from outside and it wasn't completely dark in the room
I don't know what time it was but I couldn't get to sleepall I could think about was the events of the day and all I could see was her breasts Then I decided to wait until she fell asleep and put my hand on her and then I tried to touch her breast somehow I really wanted this touch because I had never had it before and I was really curious
He was lying on his side with his back to me when I put my arm around him pretending to turn while he was sleeping just like my hand landed in the right place On her chest I finally felt it in my hand So far so good I thought so But then he took my hand and asked me:
- What are you doing?
I couldn't get a word in edgewise And then somehow all I could say was:
 I've never felt like this before
And then came the big surprise I wasn't expecting He slipped his hip into my lap and put my hand under his shirt It made me so happy I got a boner I couldn't hide it she felt it
Then he asked me:
- Have you ever been with a girl?
All I did was say " no " when I was stroking her tits You let him
I heard from his breath that he liked the caress so I kept going waiting for it to happen His breathing grew more and more and his butt pressed against my steely tail That's when I decided I had nothing to lose
So I pulled my hand out from under his shirt and slowly sliding down his belly I went towards his pussy
Then he lay flat on his back spread his legs and took off his shirt and with one hand he took my sharp Dick He didn't do anything to herhe just held her By the filtered light I saw her huge breasts I really liked it She was beautiful and her nipples were hardening by the caress Meanwhile my hand reached between his legs and through the little thong I felt the heat of his pussy I started caressing her in circles and I could feel her panties getting all wet Then with his other hand he put my head on his chest and asked me to kiss him I couldn't get enough of her tits I just wanted to eat her I finally felt with my mouth what I felt with my hands before With the hand I used to excite his clitoris And he just enjoyed it and sighed a great deal until suddenly his body flinched and he squeezed my dick hard and came quietly()


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