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We went on our honeymoon to the Adria in Dubrovnik My father-in-law drove us in the Mercedes My mother-in-law wanted to come but my father-in-law talked her out of it I noticed he was the only one who wanted to come with us but I didn't suspect why
We crossed the border early in the evening at Duke Sándor We were planning on going at night avoiding daytime traffic and heat We wanted to see the sea by morning We cut through Vojvodina and crossed the Sava It's getting dark Me and the Elf started kissing in the back seat Later I unbuttoned her blouse and sucked her tits My father-in-law didn't see much of us in the mirror but he knew what we were doing He was obviously intrigued He started squirming in the driver's seat I saw him reach into his lap; he took the stiffened penis out of his trousers His excitement turned us on too Me and the Elf fell on our backs in the seats My hand was under the skirt drawn up to her belly between her naked thighs in her wet panties I caressed her hairy pubic thigh felt her tiny clit my middle finger in and out of the mucous-melting vagina The Elf stroked my penis which was stretched out on my open fly and smeared his index finger on my ACORN with the moisture flowing from the urethra hole We were both close to having sex
My father-in-law was getting more and more agitated in his place indicating that he had no nerves of steel either He was just driving with one hand and the other hand in his lap He must have been as horny as the rest of us I wonder how big a member he has
The headlights lit the name plate of a place called Krusovo We were in Bosnia My father-in-law unraveled and took off his tie I saw he couldn't take it anymore Leaving the settlement he began to slow down and stopped in front of the roadside bed-and-breakfast
- Children - he called back excited - How about we go in here? I'm tiredI need some rest I don't want anything to happen to us on the road just because I'm tired What do you think?
The Fairy and I were happy to see each other We were so excited we could've used a good lay by now We agreed
There was room at the boarding house There were some Turkish trucks in the parking lot and they had their drivers inside We saw two of them in the pool room They pushed the bullets and took a good look at us It was obvious that honeymooners didn't come here much My father-in-law took two rooms one for us one for you and we went upstairs
Our room was dark and stuffy We turned on the lights We saw simple but tasteful equipment There was no bathroom you have to go down to the suteren there's a private bathroom for men and women with bathrooms We didn't have a problem with that The lights were out the door was locked and we took our clothes off by the light of the night light We were getting excited by each other's nudity while we were undressing My penis stood brilliantly We climbed on the bed and had intercourse We came fast Second time it took longer Third time I got a fairy on her knees and used her rectum I put a lot of cream in it I put a little lotion on my penis it went in easy The Elf leaned forward and I stood behind him hugging his belly holding him with all my strength gave him I had my penis all over his rectum He was gasping for air the whole time but he kept pushing me He held on to the chair with one hand and with the other he irritated his clitoris We moaned loudly when we enjoyed it and Elvish shouted when he felt the ejaculation in his rectum I'm sure it was overheard but we didn't care We let ourselves gowe were on our honeymoon
We were going to wash up Elvish had already gone to the ladies ' room and I was on my way to the men's room when the door in front of us opened and in a bathrobe and flip-flops my father-in-law came out of his room He was in a state of rage His face and forehead were covered with sweat His eyes were confused his voice was hoarse
I looked at him in battle I've never seen him like this
- Come on in - he caught my arm fast panting - Quickly until the Fae are here
- What's going on? - I didn't know what to say - Is something wrong Daddy? Are you all right?
- Bullshit Come - he pushed me in hard - You'll find out inside
I came across the threshold nervous I couldn't imagine what he wanted from me I didn't do anything wrong My concern grew when he locked the door behind us Only the night light was on in his room The bed was made but there was no one in it Seeing his eyes something dawned on me but I didn't have time to think about it because he quickly opened and removed his cloak Her naked body was covered with thick hair He had a boner It was a lot bigger than mine maybe 20 22 centimeters
I understood everything
My father - in - law came to me and with the impatience of a man in sexual arousal he immediately reached into my bathing suit With one hand he grabbed my limp creamy greasy male member and with the other he touched his own He was panting and masturbating while he was touching me


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