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Hello everyone My name is bencé and I'm 37 years old All I want to know about my family is that my father is a Reformed minister while my mother was a merchant and she works in it I have a sister a brother three brothers and two sisters My sister (1974) and my brother (1977) my brothers (1984 1986 1994) my sisters (twins; 1990) and myself went to church It is part of the fact that he had just begun his military service (that is he was barely 18 years old) when my sister was born Our family has always been very close My grandparents my aunts and my uncles helped my moms a lot and that was true Of course like all families we've had our differences By the time I went to school my sister was at the end of her adolescence And my brother was in the middle of it By the time I got to be a teenager my brothers and sisters were dangerously close to this age
But enough about my family history At least at least not in a court of law
I was a sophomore in computer science when I started to feel something really weird about my best friend Jani I just couldn't or didn't want to know what was going on in me at first Then towards the end of the third year Hungarian test (Small)came the day before graduation Like every weekend in the last few weeks Niki and Jani came over to study this day About 6: 00 7: 00 pm Niki went home Jani asked if she could stay with us or not My parents agreed I've seen my feelings for the boy quite clearly I fell hopelessly in love with her After dinner we learned a little more and then one day I misread one of his signs and I tried to kiss him That must have been around midnight The boy pushed me and ran away My feelings for him were pure In his eyes I don't know what I saw in that moment Contempt? Disappointment? Fear? I'll pass on that The next morning as scheduled everyone was there no later than half an hour before the preemptive test I tried to shake his hand but he wouldn't accept my handshake
That was another stab in the heart Niki knew how I felt about Jani because on the one hand she found out and on the other hand she was tapping me until I confirmed it to her a few weeks earlier Maybe he saw the signs that I misunderstood We haven't spoken to each other in two weeks of rehearsal I kept to myself too and I got a little hostile with the family Especially my father my mother and my biggest brother who often tells me how much he despises gays Even though my dad and dad always talked about it saying that gay people are just like the rest of us and they have a right to a happy life and stuff But I still couldn't come up with the idea that I was gay My father had a very nice Secretary (sister-in-law of one of my cousins) in the office belonging to the church to whom I told my story because I thought that she was not a member of our family at least not directly
I also knew that if someone told him something he wouldn't tell anyone When I told Kristi I can't say she wasn't surprised but she seemed okay with it Meanwhile as it turns out my father tried to ask my brother and sister who had already started a family for help to question me because I wouldn't tell him anything But since it was unsuccessful he tried to talk to Jani who also sent him away And Niki told him"don't give up" My dad's not even famous for giving up anything Especially when it comes to family Meanwhile it was getting harder and harder for me to keep it to myself so I told my mom First he suffered a minor shock then he assured me of his support She didn't say anything to her husband We had already received the results of the pre-examination (I had good and excellent results) when one day I was tired of my sister where my brother (Laci) where my father asked me about it after a pre-dinner prayer I told him that I was gay The usual conversation during dinner was characterized by deep silence This silence was broken at the end of the dinner by the mouth of the Viscount (my oldest brother) That's a pretty judgmental sentence But out of respect for my parents I didn't leave the table It's also true that our mother spoke to him and then our father remarked that we were a close family and that should never change After dinner I wanted to go to my room before my dad came after me We talked about everything I was really surprised at how well he took me being gay as a pastor Things are moving a little faster from here Niki came to me first even though I haven't been very nice to her in the last few weeks but that's when we cleared it up Two days after her Jani showed up at our door()


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