Fucking in a cemetery

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The heat of August was hard on him in the car: he was glad to get out of it He stopped his car outside the daycare center then took his luggage and headed towards the building Three months before that Peter was here he had a baby boy and he rented a digital baby box from the nursery That's what he brought back
She remembered the woman from whom she rented it: 25-26 years old short blond hair a full woman perhaps a little more than she should have been but her cheerful nature and smiling face made it difficult to forget I even remembered Peter's name: Emese
Then he remembered the conversation they had at the time which he had often recalled to himself since then:
- A child so young? - asked Emese
- I'm not that young anymore And do you have a baby yet or is it just a plan?
- I've had the plan for a long time but I'm a little short on it on my own
"Well" said Peter smiling " I have my reference work and I would like to help you"
They both laughed at that of course but Peter has continued to think about it a few times since
He's entering the building It was much cooler than the outdoors and the sound of the street didn't come in
Not only the noise outside but he didn't hear anything like no one was in the building Then he thought " it's August most of the kids can still spend time with their parents anywhere and it's past four o'clock in the afternoon and he'll be lucky to find someone in the building besides the cleaners to hand in the scales"
He's spread his legs to the office He was almost at the door when he heard a conversation from the office He distinguished two female voices One kept talking and the other kept agreeing and they both laughed That's when Peter came through the door
- Hello Ladies how nice to see you all still here
- Hi - hi Did you bring back the scale? - Emese asked
- Hey I really have to go  said the other lady who might have been Emese's colleague
- Hi - hi Let's see that scale It worked fine was it okay?
 It worked fineit was fine
That wasn't true of course They were always annoyed that he didn't measure or measure accurately but he didn't feel like arguing He looked at the woman across the table and realized that he saw her much fatter in his memory The thin blouse must have had huge breasts Perhaps that's why at first glance it acted as if its master were overweight
Peter thought a tight round bottom was worth more than two giant breasts but the sight of it made him very captivated Perhaps too long because from the other side of the table Emese raised her eyebrows and looked back at her with a question
- Is something wrong?
 On the contrary My Dear Emese The way I see it everything's fine
- Ah Do you even remember my name? That's lovely
 Even if I wanted to I couldn't forget it And then I waited for your call every day
- Why would I?
- It's settled If you need a child I'm at your disposal
- Oh yeah - I see you're in a funny mood again You don't like me enough to make offers like that I have fat legs and a few pounds on my stomach
- But her skin and mouth are so beautiful I'm sure even if I kissed her once those lips would enslave me forever
Peter just realized he's already around the table What are you doing? He's never cheated on his wife and that's not why he's here Of course it's just a game he was trying to calm himself but he was only a foot away from Emese
She was also surprised by the approach of the man but at the same time aroused by his stubbornness He breathed barely noticeably faster and louder He turned against Peter and tried to back off but the table was blocked Then he said it half-seriously half-smiling
 Is that what you do to every woman? If I give in now he'll just take another scalp home and that's it I'm old enough not to be taken advantage of
- Take advantage? If what I said about her lips is true then I'm the only one who can be the victim Which of course I would love to be
They were only two inches apart The air seemed to vibrate around them and they tried to smile in each other's eyes but Peter could only move the corner of his mouth a little Emese even though he turned his head away from the man's eyes
Then he changed his mind and turned back laughing It also encouraged Peter and smiled back at her with relief
"All right" said Emese A kiss can't hurt after all And since what he said is true then he'll do what I want him to do
- Yes of course
- All I'm saying is that's enough and he's gone I will be your mistress and you will be my servant
- That's right


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