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The first time we saw each other was four years ago at a piano concert for young talent He was 18 and I was only two months younger than him
Jake was a performer and I was a young busboy His game is completely enchanted not to mention his appearance
He looked incredible in the tux The contrast between the black trousers and the jacket and the white shirt highlighted the bright copper-brown skin His bright black hair shoddy knocked back the rays of light like a thousand diamonds
He was a masterful player His long fingers glided lightly on the keys creating a fabulous melody from the instrument During his game the silence was complete It's like the auditorium has been mesmerized And then a confused clap and then an ovation I didn't count it but they gave it back at least four times
I finally got to know her at the after-concert banquet Sympathy was mutual we talked late at night and from then on we lived almost symbiotic
Jacob was a gentleman from the beginning He has absolutely no intention of rushing things he was not greedy or impatient Our first palpable kiss only happened on our many dates after she walked me home
In the fifth and sixth months of our relationship during our afternoon meetings with him we ventured further and further than mere kissing
I loved the candles so I had to light two or three of them every night Just for the mood You know he used to tease me about candlelight but all I said to him was that he'd thank me one day
So in the twilight he was half-seated on his mattress and I laid my head on his lap In the meantime we were listening to a mutual acquisition and talking Of course about music what happened on the reservation school who dates who who got pregnant by who Just the usual everyday stuff We kissed we caressed we touched
This contact was almost painful if it had not been so we demanded the closeness of the other
- Alice - he spoke to me a little timid
I sat up and looked into that beautiful dark pair of eyes the owner of which has forever stolen my heart
'I love you very very much' said he in his deep raspy voice and his gaze deep into mine
I leaned closer and kissed her And then over and over my fingers went through her thick black hair The kiss grew deeper and more passionate Our breathing became erratic
I sat back and I sat down on the bed and Jake was standing over me holding his arms like he was pushing down to keep his weight off me
Under his copper skin the tendons were clearly drawn and his muscles tightened At the sight of it my body trembled
 I love you very very much Jacob Clearwater - I answered with emotion I leaned forward and once again touching his lips I kissed him softly
I got separated from Jacob and he moaned disappointed I rolled over and took his black shirt off He tried to get me out of my shirt but I grabbed his wrist and I bent his arms over his head
- I'll come laterI just want to deal with you- I said it in a plush voice and bent over and kissed him
- If I'd known my confession would have triggered that I would have known more than once how you smiled
"You are incorrigible" I shook my head with disbelief
I went slower I covered his mandibular bone with kisses and then as I went down I held my tongue all the way down to his belly button Then I started spoiling her nipples Hearing his throat-sounding moan made me realize that I was on the right track
I let go of his wrist and put my hands on his chest to support myself During my touch his muscles twitched My right hand is going down I smoothed over his abs and then I moved towards his hip I stopped at the edge of his pants and started stroking the sensitive area with my fingertips Then I slipped my whole hand down his trousers to pamper his vigorous masculinity Jake had a sigh of satisfaction
I looked up at him and smiled It was sweet the way he concentrated trying to breathe evenly
As soon as he realized that he had finally escaped from the harness putting his hands on my hip he began to massage me with a bang and pulled himself up into a sitting position
 Do you want us to keep going or do you want us to stop here? 'Cause we can stop now "But if we continue I'm not sure I'll be able to stop without permanent psychological damage" he said
 You know I love you very much and I trust you completely And I want it here and now "With you" I replied pressing the last syllable slightly


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