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After Susan's wedding Eve went back to the States He went to see his parents but he didn't seem to fit in at home He found out from his mother that Uncle Joe died shortly after they left and left him something of his fortune When Eve went to the lawyer it turned out that the old man had left her and Susan almost everything Since the two of them have been traveling around the world for the past two years the lawyer managed the assets The money was well invested so the girls had a sizable sum in a bank account Plus the tenants of Uncle Joe's House wanted to stay in the property which was worth a month's salary So Eve didn't have any money problems even though she was a little worried because the long journey had exhausted all of her resources But thanks to the old man he had a comfortable life ahead of him He rented a small apartment in a suburb of Los Angeles and for a while he was busy redecorating and furnishing but then he got bored She didn't really have any friends outside of Susan - she felt pretty alone Luckily there were a lot of young people living in the area and he found friends fast and he was being very discreet But he was still bored He didn't want to go to work - thank God he didn't need to - plus since they didn't start college he'd just get a shitty job She contacted the school to see if she needed to re-apply but it turns out she didn't However since the day-to-day budget is full this year you can only start school next year or accept the offered place on the mailing list Eve chose the latter signed up nicely for correspondence kept herself busy for some time Aside from one or two brief adventures his sex life wasn't very active either That's when he started to wonder what it would be like to get into the porn industry Through a friend of his he finally got to a small company that had been making adult films for quite some time He did a little research on TAE and he was satisfied with what he heard: the owner was fair he wouldn't let the drugs go he wasn't involved in the underworld Eve decided to give it a try
As the owner of a small porn company Jack Travis knew how hard it was to stay on the market At first things were better but then the competition got so big that it started to come up more than once changing to another profession As an old fox he knew the secret: he'd have to find a girl to run him to the top of his game He's a real porn star whose movies have hundreds of thousands of men on their dicks The problem was girls like that are rare as white crows You can find beautiful girls in every bush but it's not enough to be a star That takes radiation and extreme perversion Viewers can tell when a girl's just pretending to enjoy herself My normal blow job I plug it in I come on the belly the era is over
Jack's been looking for the right guy ever since he started this business His acquaintances knew of this hunt and they kept bringing the girls to him Some of them were fine college students who came almost for financial reasons He also shot a scene with them - as with almost everyone who visited him but the bored housewife type was at least a degree better because there was not only money but also the color of Grey married life Then came the country bitches and at the end of some twisted thought process it came out that the porn industry was just a little hop in Hollywood The prude Film City however did not employ people who have been in adult films Some of them were quite nice some even had an acting vein - some of them could be sold in several films Ugly women have turned up even ugly women Their attitude was usually fine so they tried to compensate for what nature had deprived them of Who wants to see ugly women in porn? Then there were the beautiful ones who thought the sight of everything they didn't pay much attention to enthusiasm
And there were those lost who didn't know what kind of movies Jack was making Probably the woman sitting across from him could be one of those His face wasn't bad but this perverted Secretary's glasses could make some good scenes Her hair is red but the old Bun - Oh my God Where did that come from? Under the conservative grey suit he could not make out the shapes although the dress was heavily embossed in the breast Anyway it's worth a shot it's a video shoot anywayit doesn't cost anything
"Miss I don't know if you're aware of the type of work I'm looking for?"
Eve almost laughed He made the character completely conservative to increase the contrast when he reveals his charms Looks like the costume was too perfectthis guy thinks some prude got in here by accident
- I understand there's some sort of film role to be played here


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