Mofos – Anikka Albrite helps babysitter

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The couple split almost immediately The girl crouched into the grass fast and the guy screamed his head off:
- Who's there???
Meanwhile he tried to cover his prancing tool with his hands In the grass the girl came to know exactly what had happened Slowly adjusting her skirt she rose from the dense undergrowth shyly
As soon as the boy saw a lot of questions he suddenly asked the girl:
- What are you doing here?
- What did you see?
- Are you a stalker?
- How long have you been watching us?
His girlfriend as soon as she saw him was relieved that he wasn't a wild animal or a perverted pervert
All of a sudden when they were in such a strange situation he even spoke to his friend:
- You don't want in?
Not only the girl but even the boy was surprised
And he went on:
"We've talked about it before" he said to the boy " all your dreams are with two girls"
The boy had a naughty smile on his face
The girl started having all kinds of thoughts in her head but the strongest part was that she wanted to do it the whole time she watched them fuck
And he said:
- You're welcome of course
The way he heard that the guy wasn't even hiding his dick He waved to her to get closer Meanwhile his girlfriend was still squatting next to him
As soon as she got to them the boy seemed to meet an old girlfriend kissing her on the lips
The girl was caught off guard but it was like one of the most natural things in the world kissed me back
And the only kiss he's ever envied from watching from the grass is his mouth
Meanwhile his girlfriend wasn't bored either Scared and a few minutes off he started sucking a little hard dick The boy got the pleasure from both sides the girl's sweet mouth on the top the soft warm lips on his girlfriend on the bottom It didn't take 30 seconds for his dick to be as hard and swollen by the veins as it was a few minutes before
During the wild kissing the girl was stripped of her clothes she had a flat belly and a wonderfully tight round butt The sight of him made the boy even more excited And more and more violent kissing got out of him She had her hands on the boy's muscular body broad shoulders round buttocks The boy's girlfriend took the hard dick out of his mouth and wanted to feel something softer
He went behind the Peeping Tom girl's back got down on his knees and grabbed her ass with his hands The girl was a little surprised but she let it slide with the flow and she even put a little pressure on it
As she pulled the buttocks apart she saw the little pussy glistening in the sun
He couldn't control himself with excitement He started licking her like crazy The girl's tingly pussy couldn't wait to be pampered The girl's soft tongue like lightning came up and down her clitoris her lips her buttocks As if he did it himself she knew exactly what he was looking for
He wanted to be nice too His lips slowly leaving the boy's mouth began to kiss his muscular body and went further down
The guy to make him more comfortable sat down on the floor putting his clothes underneath him He kneeled in front of her and his girlfriend and her As he felt the touch of the soft tongue on his groin again he also grabbed the throbbing cock and began to suck it enthusiastically He could barely fit a heavy tool in his mouth As he looked up at the boy he saw on his face that he was doing well today started
It threw me off his confidence and body and he wanted to give me pleasure with his soul Meanwhile he felt that his pussy had not only lost her tongue but also some of her fingers
He hasn't fingered you very often but this was different She was good at it and she knew a tool like that needed preparation His friends have always noticed how tight they are
The way he felt inside his fingers and the throbbing of the slightly salty dick in his mouth
I had my third orgasm
The girl who had pampered him with three fingers felt the pussy contracting faster and faster
And he knew what that meant
The girl if she were free would have been moaning in the woods again
But at that point the guy was digging into her red hair telling her the rhythm of her mouth As he noticed that she was knocking at the gates of pleasure he began to breast-feed her intensively by grabbing her head The girl felt a little strange that she wasn't in control but the lack of oxygen she couldn't buy from the guy's Dick and the nimble fingers in her pussy gave her some kind of gigantic orgasm He felt the force coming out of his body and whatever they could have done to him he couldn't resist
The pleasure wasn't even over and all he noticed was the other girl crouching in him pulling the dick out of his mouth Right in front of him


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