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The skítábor started well four of them ended up in one apartment: Adrienn Csilla Thomas and Peter Adrienn Thomas and Peter were fourth-year classmates at the University and Tamás Csilla's sister was a freshman in college The three of them had known each other for a long time and Stella was no stranger: she took aerobics classes with Adrien and Peter had met her before
When the beds were divided it was a dirty joke because in the living room there was a huge double bed that could be opened and in the small room there were two more beds Peter would have liked to have slept with any girl but for the sake of peace the two girls got the double bed and the two guys moved into the inner room
They got along well they were all buying the other sex insults Then on the second day there was a little accident: during the evening skating Thomas fell and lost consciousness for a moment He woke up quickly but just in case he was taken to a hospital where he was held for a few days So the three of you came back to the apartment last night They didn't really feel like talking but they opened up a bottle of wine and that made the mood a little more relaxed
Soon we talked about relationships and as the wine ran out alcohol brought up things that might have never been the case: it turned out that Adrien had no boyfriend for a long time even though she was very fond of enjoying herself in bed and she also admitted that she was no longer a virgin but she was not very happy with her boyfriend and Peter made it very clear to them that she would not mind having a little sex with them the three of us They had a bit of fun with that but before they went to bed they both gave Peter a good - night kiss
Peter went to bed and fantasized about what to do with girls There were really two good-looking women: Adrienn brown hair brown eyes a little Creole skin and full breasts (she knew that about the summer beaches) Thanks to the regular movement her butt was also round with a slender waist and thin but muscular thighs And Stella was the youth: blonde hair blue eyes thin figure smaller but tight tits than Adrien's vibrating under the T-shirt at night after the shower And those smells She loved the smell of a freshly bathed woman's body and she was always thrilled when she smelled it at night By the time he got this far his manhood was strong and it made it difficult to fall asleep As it turned out the two girls didn't fall asleep right after they went to bed
The next day they were skiing together and the two girls were aiming for an evening surprise but they refused to tell me anything They visited Thomas this afternoon and went home Dinner shower TV conversation Peter asked about the surprise and the girls finally told me that a game is a surprise Peter was asked to take off his pyjamas shirt (they were all in pyjamas leaving only one cotton short) and lay down on the double bed Hands next to the body lying on your back almost "lying down" Meanwhile the two girls disappeared into the bathroom where they were found a few minutes later Peter had already begun to get excited for he hoped that some erotic game would take place and that his excitement should not be conspicuous he hid his early erection between his thighs
When he saw the girls he was pleased to be so cautious: they were both wearing a baby doll - like silk dress a spaghetti - band Short top and a line that was heavily cut on the side The movements of their rocking breasts were clear and for a moment their pubic hair began to appear They sat beside him on both sides and told him the rules: they can do anything Peter must not move unless they allow it Peter after acknowledging their beauty naturally accepted the rules and eagerly awaited the sequel His comma was already rigid so he could barely squeeze his thighs to keep his loose pants from turning into a tent in an instant
The girls sat next to him began to stroke his skin: his chest hands thighs feet Meanwhile as they bowed Peter saw their full tight breasts and their delicate scent was maddening However the sensitive part of his body was left out of the caress but as his thighs were pulled apart he could no longer hide his excitement The girls looked at each other and almost simultaneously separated from the upper of their clothes They were beautiful Now they both caressed him with their whole bodies and felt that the tits were smoothing over his whole body face eyes (while he could not resist kissing the steepening nipples which sparkled with a sigh of comfort) They caressed her stiff virility through the dress and then slipped their fingers under the dress and gently massage the two little peach pits
The girls enjoyed the game They made it up last night because they both liked the guy and they thought it might never happen again()


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