Please Daddy just for a little while

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I mean I write to you and you come in wearing a black bra and a lace thong My heart beats faster in my mind the boxers are still on me but your presence is showing You don't ask me anything you just sit on my lap Face me first With your hands on my neck Your lips are searching eagerly for my mouth Our tongues caress each other excruciatingly You won't let me touch you You move your hips You rub your body against me In my pants I will have a desire that can be felt and seen I can't touch you I'm going crazyYou ask me to close my eyes Your lips and kisses are on an exploratory journey around my neck towards my earlobe You're rubbing yourself on me downstairs It feels good You kiss madly passionately You're curling my hair You'll get off my back You kneel You're gonna grab my hard-standing dick in my pants You take the edge of the pants and you start pulling it off me I'm gonna lift my hip My eyes are still closed You're pulling my pants down With your right hand you hold my cock
Your tongue touches the tip With your left hand you hold my thigh You'll eat it eagerly You're eating it up You pull the skin off completely and the acorn of your mouth completely swallows it Your tongue is circling I'm gonna explode You suck Acorn in your mouth Your hand pulls the skin up and down you smoke it and you tease it with your tongue You'll get up You turn around and sit on my lap again You put my hands on your chest I'll grab both of them I'll take them out of the bra I practically massage them You reach back you take your bra off and you take it off I'm holding your breasts and kissing your back Your hips move up and down back and forth clawing at my hard-standing cock One hand holds on to your chest the other goes down and doesn't stop until your panties drop It slowly slips in and touches your clitoris I'm going to massage it gently up and down in circles Then up and down again It's getting stronger My fingers are wrong and they slip into your wet cock-hungry pussy You're rubbing my dick harder and harder
Fingers in your pussy We can't take it anymore Your panties are slipping away You take my dick and you put it with your pussy You rub it a little and then you slide into it slowly Inch by inch your wet pussy is like a carnivorous plant eating away at my prancing Dick I'm gonna reach out front and grab your tits I look down I'll tuck it in more so I can see the movement of your hips and buttocks I'm very excited to see itYou pull your panties aside with one hand You will rise up and my cock will slip out of your pussy You take my dick with your other hand and you start pulling it with your hand You'll turn around You take off your panties in a jiffy and I'm back in your arms and you're slowly letting yourself in My lips seek thy tongue I'm grabbing your ass I'm gonna skewer you You hold me as we get closer to the topYou're almost the only one moving I hold your butt tighter and tighter you hold me tighter and tighter Your hips are moving You have the power of an elemental force Just like I was a moment later my semen flows like hot lava You're pushing your body down to enjoy every inch of my dick Let's kiss for minutes
Then we'll get up and take a shower and have another adventure
You're gonna take my hand and pull
We're going to a shower We'll go under and let the water flow First we allow our bodies to water everywhere In the meantime we kiss each other and we close together You caress my neck I caress your back and your butt Kiss your lips neck and shoulders The desire is starting to grow in me again You take it and you grab it and you start rubbing it with your hands You have an effect on him(m) like no one has ever had In a moment he will be able to act again (in reality too) You turn around You put your butt on me and lean forward a little bit I'll smooth your spine and push my standing cock all the way to you and move it up and down You're circling with your hips I'll meet you there I'll sit in the little seat In front of you I'll take your waist and start kissing your belly Every inch of my tongue will discover it It circles my tongue around your belly button and I'm going to plug it in a little bit I'm grabbing your ass Very nice firm firm and firm
With my kisses I go down Right under your belly button I'm touching your Venus mound You put one foot on the little seat next to me I'm starting to bite and kiss the inside of your thigh My hands rub between your legs Your lips are all wet now I'm still kissing your hill I'll go down and the tip of my tongue touches your clitoris Your body trembles I'm just gonna kiss her gently and suck on it My hands rub the rest of your pussy My finger finds its way through the entrance to your beautiful exciting cave You lean your back against the cabin door My tongue rubs up and down your stinging clitoris My finger in your wet pussy I feel like I like what I do with my hands and my tongue Your clitoris is getting tougher With one hand you hold my head and push it on your lap I'm rubbing my tongue on your clitoris faster and faster Up and down and around


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