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Hi I'm a 24-year-old Debrecen boy and I want to tell you a true story I recently met (about 2 months ago) my (high school) classmate whom we call G Krisztián and ME M Jósi
A little history of myself:
I've always been aroused by the naked body of both sexes but unfortunately I've always missed the exercise I've never had the chance to make love or even kiss so I've been a virgin for all two sexes and I've never even had a girlfriend before Although I fell in love with a wonderful girl in high school it was my fault that nothing happened with her either(her name is P Zsuzi but that's irrelevant) The bodies of other boys in my class turned me on when I looked at them I used to go home or jerk off in the toilet thinking about them but I also used to jerk off to girls (I would add I'm not in love with a boy I'm just excited about his body and I just want to have sex with him all I care about is the boy's body and there's no emotion to it) so much about me
So I ran into Kristian who was a foot taller than me Because it was hot that day me and him were just wearing shorts and a T-shirt a pair of socks and a pair of sports shoes I found out a little later that he wasn't wearing pants because I don't wear pants either in case someone was looking into shorts and wanting to have sex with me (which of course never worked but who knowsmaybe once) We sat on a bench and started talking about neutral things what's happened to us how college goes what's been going on Krisztián has changed: he has never smoked drank or partied much before but now he has All3 cultivated it I still stood up for not drinking not smoking not drinking coffee not doing drugs The point is we spent over an hour talking about nothing like this and several times I watched his skinny body through his shorts I tried to observe his dick and I imagined it in my head several times while we talked about how I was gonna fuck his dick I meanwhile had an erection because it turned me on so much and he could see it on Kriszti because he smiled back at me and all of a sudden I noticed that his shorts were starting to grow which turned me on even more so I tried to slide closer and closer to the bench while he was talking about something Our legs met and I suddenly kissed her on the outside bench I thought he was pushing me away but instead he kissed me back I might add I've never kissed him before but instinctively I watched porn and love couple kisses About 10: 00 We didn't let go of each other's lips for two minutes our lips tightened together while we grabbed each other's dicks through clothes more specifically squeezed them and they were all two dicks hard Me and him both closed his eyes and we kissed like that our mouths were squishing First I circled gently on his lips with my tongue and then I pushed my tongue into his mouth and rubbed mine against his tongue and I was very excited and it was a good thing petÅ‘fi Square was empty at the time When we stopped kissing we looked into each other's eyes and saw the flame that we should not stop and then he spoke:
- I've always wanted you
- So did I I told him
Now that I knew he was like me I wanted to clear some ground rules with him:
"I'm not in love with you" I said
"I know" he replied
- I just want to have sex with you I want to love your beautiful masculine body I want to satisfy you once in a while - I told him and I pressed it on his dick
- Me tooI feel the same way
That's when I decided to tell him straight out what I was excited about:
- You know what turns me on about sex? - I asked him
"No" he said
- Kissing boys caressing each other naked bathing together sucking sucking fucking fucking fingering each other's assholes Pee sex for all 2 of them and swallow that and even cum and swallow each other's saliva and that's back there I also care that I kiss the boy with my mouth all wet and cumy and gooey all mixed up in our mouths Spit on each other spit in each other's mouth Talk dirty to each other so verbally humiliate each other for example you little fucking whore dick-loving motherfucker now I'm gonna fuck you up and I'm gonna fuck your ass up like this Ride each other while kissing caressing our naked bodies and that's mostly 88 or 66 positions Handcuff one of us and the other excites him and vice versa Lick each other's bodies mouth asshole Dick A lot of kissing and caressing I'm also excited about groupies which means that there's a lot of boys messing around and vibrating toys with each other
He just watched me sit on the bench as I said My secret desires and the way he heard me so harshly I saw him reach out his tongue and lick his lips at my speech And he said:


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