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I love whoring I'm a whoremaster my experiences are more than happy to describe I called her She was surprisingly nice on the phonenice woman voice There was no sign of any pretense condescension or lie
Which is typical for a lot of girls to talk about the time point and we wait patiently and then we call and then they just don't pick up or tell us that it's not a good time
A lot of girls have a lot to learn from manners manners manners
- Hey can I come to you? - I asked him
- Yeah when do you want to come? - that's her
"Now" I said
- Massage or lovemaking?
"Making love" I replied
I never take a massage vidékilányhu advertiser If you want that kind of service I'll go to a salon From a woman here it's just sex sex for me We agreed to call you in 15 minutes from the house I already knew I put the phone in my pocket and went I stopped in her street to pee behind a treeA couple of walking ladies aren't exactly happy about it
I called the front of the house and pressed the second button the door opened I walked in went a little ahead and turned right there was an open apartment door waiting for me in a black top Super cleavage a girl with that kind of thing can't make eye contact I liked those two-handed breasts Shoulder-length black straight hair a little big cat I was happy to have something to hold on toActually I'm in love with big boobs I like 18-year-old girls with big boobs the most There's plenty to catch That's what I was thinking He held out his hand We introduced ourselves
- I'm Nelly
I introduced myself
- Should I take my shoes off? - I did
- Well
I took off my socksSo without shoes and socks I entered the room I knew well There were clothes on the shelf in the closet so I put my bag on a chair It had my phone and my wallet in it along with a plastic mineral water bottle
"Take off your clothes" she said
I took off my coat my sweater my pants My tool was at rest Nelly gave me a towel
"Take a shower" he said
'You'll find a shower gel there' he said and letting me go in front of himThere's the bathroom which by the way I already knewI've been in that apartment a lot It's like they're coming home and they're always seeing other women I walked into the bathroom he was standing behind methinking he was looking at my ass I was glad to hear that I closed the door behind meBefore that we smiled at each other I walked into the tub I stepped out of it I wiped the water off my tool and the rest of my body I did some manual work at least show up half-stiff in front of the womanI looked at myself in the mirror and there's a man who goes to girls I always like this part it feels good to know that in a few minutes I'll be making love to a woman I've never met with a beautiful pair of hands I can add another name to my already short list Then for the hundredth woman I'll buy a cake and we'll celebrate that she's the hundredth They'll put the cake on her legs and lick it off I really like licking beautiful women's feet in tights
My hand-to-hand job came throughI was in a half-stiff state I don't want to show up in front of the ladyOf courseI knew that in Nelly's mouth it would be totally hard in a second It's nice to know that in a few minutes you're gonna get sucked down by a hot chick
I put the towel on the top of the washing machine and came out of the bathroom I went into the bedroomI was a little sad to hear that the window was down so the street wouldn't be able to see I love making love in front of people

The familiar small tv was right next to the bed some commercial was going on A few seconds later she shows up and tells me she's gonna be here in a secondso I just have to wait and go It was a very comfortable bed in that room I've made love to more women there waiting for another lady Who didn't keep me waiting long He showed up in his black shirtRoutinely quickly undressed in front of me
"Lie down on the bed" he said
I went to bed
- Do you want it with or without rubber? - he asked
I was lying on the bed and Nelly's two-handed breasts were a sight for sore eyes Angelskin was on a series about a girl with nice breasts who worked at a boutique Her name is also Nelly My favorite woman's name is Nelly It sounds really good
He caressed my balls Her big two-handed boobs were a little loose and they were really hot
"I'm asking without a condom" I said
Here's the good part He finally put it in his mouth and started smoking it surprisingly hard and skillfully My hat's gone in his mouth he did it perfectly on a high standard and I'm grateful to him ever since There are memorable Frenchies that's what Nelly's French was like he did it on a very high level She was a pro A lot of practice has done the trick It sucked me down shockingly()


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