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I woke up the next morning with a cold I didn't understand
I put the sheets on and I looked around the room sleepy Everyone was asleep Attila and Iza in the same bed I snuck back into my own bed after the snuggle last night because Andi whispered that she was into me but the bed was tight and she likes to sleep comfortably I could agree with him It did not bother Iza that my friend lay almost entirely on her and Attila could sleep in a visible way Make them comfortable then I thought and I was just going back to sleep when the door opened and someone came in I didn't see it because I was already turned in and I just heard him walk through the room and close the window
I looked up and I caught aunt Aniko's divine ass on the way out She seemed to sleep naked too
In the room the weather got better and I waved back
A little later I woke up again thirsty with a hard-on that was unusual even for me It wasn't breakfast it was pre-urination it was a very upset state I had a dream about sex but I couldn't bring it back into my memory I was tossing and turning with my dick in my hand but with those two girls I couldn't get my hands on it I didn't want Andi to wake up I didn't know how she'd pretend to be I had a little fantasy that Iza would wake up and surprise me - I knew him so well that he wouldn't miss it when he saw me - but my friend breathed so eagerly on him that I gave him up quickly
Well I'm gonna go get a drink and then I'll cool off I've made up my mind
I snuck out into the hall and into the kitchen It was practically identical to the living room but there was a shelf system between them so I had to go all over the place
- Can't you sleep because of the storm?
I jumped so hard I hit a chair and I sat in it
Aunt Aniko giggled softly She held a book in her hand and glistened her eyes in the light of the reading lamp There was nothing on it her breasts were firm and their soft tops looked right at me He crossed his long thighs his feet clasped behind his other calf It was a very chic way to sit
- Uh storm?
- Didn't you hear the Lightning? - he was surprised - I can't sleep at this hour
"No" I said a little nervous about the intimate two - I just woke up
I didn't even see the light on I just came out for a drink
"I see" he looked in my lap " you are so comatose you even needed a compass
I was embarrassed
- Yeah - yeah No I don't understand
He laughed and got out of the chair
- I'll make you something to drink I'm thirsty too Will you come with me?
I automatically went that way six or eight steps into the kitchen I was staring at her ass and she was a little fuller but she was a woman When he woke up I noticed that the nipples were hard at the tip of his medium breasts No I wasn't in my right mind
He was standing in front of the lockers and he took out the glasses He looked around but he couldn't find what he was looking for
"I don't want to give you alcohol though you are of age" he murmured
Then he opened the top cupboard and tried to take off the instant tea but he couldn't reach it I watched her stretch her sensual form and involuntarily touched my penis It was hot and hard The ACORN was already weeping in his torment Aunt Aniko gave it another shot before I knew it and I stepped up I didn't have a problem removing the box of popular tea granules but I came upon it because of my sudden and ill-conceived action I didn't say I was helping I just went and he didn't pull over In the daytime I notice He noticed it too He froze with me and when I realized that my dick was right in his waist I just kept still
I heard her sigh I moaned a little bit and we tried to get away together
I was on my right holding the box and he was on my left and his falling arm was touching my dick
I didn't know what was gonna happen And he looked at me like he'd never seen me before
- Thanks for your help maybe a little too direct


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