Milf Comes Home to Teens fucking

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This story really happened to me it's not embellished Her essay is a little puritanical simple but due to my tender age - 16 years - it's inevitable
Well It all started very simply but I have to tell you this because otherwise the rest of the story's gonna sound pretty incredible
So once upon a time I went up to chat with a name no girl can miss I mean it's hot He really didn't want to get caughtI didn't think it was gonna happen this time And all of a sudden a girl clicked on me He said if I came up with a name like that I'd be a hell of a guy (I will not intentionally say the name because I have time for my minutes with the name "fishing") is a common termblah blah blah She's very pushy He asked for my phone number right away I thought it was just some bored "mama-bear-boy" messing with me Well anyway we only live once so I'll give it to him Before I forget it started by asking me if I could receive MMS I said yes And then I gave you my number
Here comes the juicy MMS Then he e-mailed me a picture of himself et ceteraAfter all we agreed to talk on the phone She was so weird to me that the only thing that turns her on is that I have a certain name on the chat He says I can be an extraordinary guy
So phone call phone call we talked about everything I wouldn't describe the little details in general so much as getting to know each other and there was an image change everything
The week after we chatted we met I don't go to pest muchI almost got lost He called to tell me where I was because he's impatient He said if I wasn't there in 10 minutes he'd leave home He hung up on me Here a world collapsed in me It ran through me that I may have wasted a week dreaming about this day I asked passers-by where XY Street is Being a sportsman I got there early because I was running
He had a pretty simple apartment Turns out he was a little nervous because he was evicted the day before and he had to move out the same day Poor thing I felt a little sorry for him There was a sponge on the floor with sheets on it He was wearing a T-shirt and underwear We were watching TV talking I was very touched He saw me trying to ease the tension we talked and then he smiled slowly and he told me to lie comfortably because I was going to have an unforgettable experience That was a little weird just getting in the middle of it like that He slowly pulled the pants off me and the pants off me
My dick was staring up at the sky He acknowledged that with a happy smile and was glad that he didn't have to bother No wonder I was already standing She's about 165centi about 60 kilos Blonde slightly curly long hair Beautiful blue eyesand Sacca's six-inch chest She had beautiful breasts He's got a nice big shapely ass but he's also got a hard ass Her delicate soft tight skin was dancing with the light
So he pulled down my pants and looked at my dick She said it was nice Meanwhile he was slowly massaging my balls I asked what I wanted I said " whatever just enjoy it because it's my first time" Judging by his smile he understood Then he put on a condom I'm a little stuck on that too for blowjobs gumitde he knows He turned on some music and turned off the TV Slowly very arousing he pulled up the tire He looked at me and he ate it Well to be honest I didn't feel much but it was better ' cause if you had done it without a condom I would have sprayed it all over So he started sucking it His head went up and down He smoked it he spun his tongue on it Sometimes he'd take it out of his mouth and just beat him
And then I don't know why he thought I was leaving so he could be 24 years old and he just swallowed it all of a sudden Well I must say I almost came Then he took it out and kept sucking on it He gave me a nice hand massage from my testicles to my anus Sometimes she'd look at me flirtatiously while my dick was in her mouth It was a beautiful sight Then he saw that he couldn't finish like that He pulled the tire off and left the room He came back with a box of lotion()


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