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Hello dear reader I've been following the site for a long time and I've been thinking about writing too I've read a lot of exciting stories and I've read a lot of good stories but I always wonder how much reality these stories are based on? And that's how I got here I write down my own experiences my own sex life I should warn you there have been some ( and I hope there will be) bad stories that not everyone likes But I'll let you know in advance For the sake of discretion I'll change the names I doubt any of the characters would read what's written here but you never know what life will bring Oh yeah A few words about myself Just to keep us in the loop
At the beginning of this writing it was precisely the 31st- I'm about to turn my 10th birthday I'm not a very good guy I know that about myself Right now the scales are showing a little more than I'd like I'm trying to do a little sports in my troubled and rushed life work out with a little less success So I can say I'm a strong-bodied man And that's not an exaggeration My name
I don't know I should give myself a fancy name in this story Something I've always liked Be like that Peti? No Well then Thomas Yeah that's good Since I'm going to write it down a few times it looks pretty good Short and understandable So I'm Thomas and I spent 27 of my 30 years in a small village near Debrecen I spent my childhood there and that's where I grew up My mother was 16 when she gave birth to me and I didn't know my father because he died young I'm currently married and the father of a beautiful boy Oh yeah before I start I'd like to say that I'd like to publish in an episodic form the fullness of my sex life Please dear reader let me know if you like it After the feedback I will decide whether to continue  Who doesn't think to look into it Well ladies and gentlemen let's get started
1 'Chapter III
I've always been interested in sexuality Ever since I was a little kid I had a vague unspoken feeling that I often felt A kind of buzz a kind of buzz Not in my dick It's in there Deep down it's affecting the organization It's like a switch that goes off when my brain goes off That's what makes me want to have sex that's what gives me a hard-on So it all started when I was little I remember when I was in kindergarten one time I took a bath with my uncle ( or rather he gave me a bath) when he showed me that I had to pull my foreskin back and wash it there Now as we all know (of course I didn't know at the time) that this is the basis of masturbation In other words I felt really fucking good about this operation so it follows on a straight line that I did not just use this operation for toilet purposes Believe it or not I've slowly discovered the beauty of hockey that I've been developing under the covers at night When I was a kid I didn't know it was bad Yeah I'm fine Until one night next to my mother I was watching television practicing what my ancestor detected It's fucked up it's guilty because it's wrong I'm not saying I come from a prude family but there wasn't really any talk at home about sexuality then or later Clarification? Why?? So that's how I spent my days Of course I didn't stop masturbating but I tried to do it secretly after bed at night Now dear reader believe it or not these workings have always ended in orgasms Yeah with a little boy Of course nothing left my dick but that tingling sensation that second of pleasure I had it then even though I had no idea what it was I don't know exactly how old I was when I had my first ejaculation I'm fucking scared I must have been about 12 years old when during a night of games in a moment of pleasure there was a sticky liquid pouring out of my dick I barely cleaned it up This is where I date my sex life From this point on you start to take a strong but very strong interest in girls I'm talking nonsense The cunt This is the right one So the cunt This body part is just amazing There's something wonderful about the happiness between women's thighs the cave that holds a million secrets No two are alike Different and different They all want something else and I want it all I want to taste them all Of course that's what I'm talking about right now not the teenage kid I turned around and I looked at my dad's porn vhs tape and I got a gallon of cum coming out of my dick Masturbation was routine I just have a little problem I was a very shy kid and when my friends and classmates were getting laid I was just playing the little boy in silence
Left with wank and imagination Of course I liked the girls but I never dared to approach anyone like that I had girl friends More than one But I always felt like no one wanted to be my girl Did I mention I was a chubby kid?


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