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Our old neighbor lived with a girl a year younger than me Zita
We grew up together and I was 18 and he was 17 when it happened I never looked at her as a woman but more as a friend to me and as far as I know she had no other intentions We spent a lot of time together on summer break because we both had parents working for us We went to the beach went hiking etc We were supposed to go to the bathroom for a Tuesday but we woke up in the morning and it was raining and there was no bathroom He called me and told me to come over and kill the day somehow
I went over a little later When we talked he told me to come in ' cause he might still be in the bathroom I knew I'd find meree I went into the house and said hello I didn't get an answer so it was likely she was still in the shower I was leaning towards the bathroom and I heard the water running past the door
I knocked on the door
- Peti is that you? the question came
- Yes it's me
- Then go to my room soon I'll wash myself
I sat down in his room on the bed and waited There were clothes washed on the chair and on the floor I saw a blue thong falling off I thought I'd pick it up and put it on the more IC stuff but curiosity got the better of me and I couldn't stop looking at it more closely While I was looking at the little piece of clothing I thought what it would be like to have it on from behind saying hello to me I turned around and he was at the door He was wearing a tight top and a mouthful of pants
- What are you doing? he asked
Suddenly I didn't know what to say I was standing in front of her with her panties in my hand
- Nothing I just picked it up because it was falling off
- I saw you looking at it
I tried to justify myself but it's a mistake
- How do you like it?
I told him he looked good but he sure looks better on him Then I surprised myself with what I said:
- I'd like to be the one who sees it on you this is the first time I've thought of her as a girl and not a friend
he took it out of my hand and left the room When he returned to the room I was quite surprised He was standing in front of me in the top but there was nothing but the blue thong on the bottom
- How do you like me? Are you happy to see me like this?
to my surprise all I could say was " it's beautiful"
her tight ass turned around and I've seen her in a bikini before but this was different I felt my pants getting tight I'm sure he noticed that because his eyes were stuck on him
- I see you like it and you're watching my tool rip my pants off
- I want to see you too
all right I answered him but you're gonna have to get all the clothes off me he wasn't" heart-sick " crouched down in front of me and took my pants off and my boxer shorts off my cock flashed in front of him I had nothing to be ashamed of
- Can I touch him? I agreed to a Bolint At first he just grabbed her and then he started rubbing her sensuously He could see that I liked it and he started beating it gently It made me moan()


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