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Finally the summer vacation began which we were happy and relieved to find with my best friend Bianca After four years of hard work and study to get into medical school we felt we needed to relax and recharge We decided to party as much as we could this summer because from mid-September we have to start studying again
We had a very hot summer and it was already 30 degrees in July so I thought it would be nice to be near the waterfront where I could tan my already slightly Creole skin and go swimming next to it One day my friend Bianca came over to my house and it was like she was reading my mind and she put a flyer in front of me for a week of organized Tisza tours
Listen Niki would you like to go out with me?
That's what I've been thinking about for days
Right I'll call them and I think we can arrange a trip
That's how it happened in the end of July group we got a seat and we took the train down to our destination We enjoyed the trip because the train was full of young people who joined the same tour so we had the opportunity to get to know several people on the train
Even in high school we were popular so it was always easy to meet people usually people found us without having to do anything We were rather conspicuous where we both appeared together for we are both thin we are about 5 '10" I have black long hair which I often wear with me and dark skin dark brown eyes unlike Bianca who has long blond hair and white skin with blue eyes We're athletic girls we both play volleyball on the same team
The atmosphere of the journey was increased by the fact that the various alcoholic beverages were produced from your son's bag and of course we were offered in great quantity We always knew where the line was but we didn't despise the drinks I drank vodka while he was drinking Bianka gin After a few glasses of gin and tonic and vodka oranges I noticed that a guy slightly older than us was about 30-35 years old watching us from the start of the trip but he wasn't getting any closer than remotely letting us know that he was into us I brought it to my girlfriend's attention and we found out that the feeling was mutual and we like him too He had a nice athletic body short brown hair and deep dark brown eyes
What you need to know about us is that none of us have ever had a serious boyfriend and even though people probably wouldn't believe it we were both virgins We've both had adventures with our sons but we've never had sex before After drinking some alcohol we began a very exciting conversation with my dear friend
Niki I have an exciting proposition for you - he said
What is it?? - I asked curiously
I heard this story earlier from my sister's girlfriend Would you like to hear it?
I Of course am intrigued
So she told me that she and her best friend lost their virginity at the same time and that this event deepened their friendship even more Since we're both still virgins I was thinking maybe we should lose her at the same time since I trust you and you're my best friend
Bianca's words were very good and I felt the alcohol made us talk more openly to each other Anyway there was never any taboo between us but this is a topic that has been moved by our drunken state
Listening to my girlfriend's words I felt like I was getting hot and excited I even started breathing more violently I got wet just thinking about it
Of course the answer was a big yes and we were both already trying to find a suitable partner for this momentous occasion
After three hours on the train we arrived and we were unloaded from the train and then taken off by car to the riverbank After we arrived we set up our tent - with help of course - and settled in
We spent the rest of the day sunbathing swimming and getting to know each other
It was the night and the time of the party which we enjoyed most our blood was flowing from the hot summer night to the good music and the company
While I was dancing Bianca came up to me and whispered in my ear:
Bianca: I found the right person - while his blue eyes were smiling and not too conspicuously pointed to the guy on the train who was watching us talking to his buddies
She looked incredible in a white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of tight shorts with sneakers I turned to Bianca and whispered in her ear


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