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We're having lunch I feel a little weird Not because of the thong I'm wearing (as if it were tailored to me even my dick and balls could fit comfortably in the Flushing section I made for them) not because Mark keeps his hand on my thigh but because of the food I shovel into my mouth Every single spoon reminds me that it's barely past noon So much has happened in these few hours I feel like a different person Can a man change in such a short time?
- Tomorrow night me and my friends are gonna have a good time - break the silence Fred - Do you want to come?
– Yes of course - I'm smiling
– You said "Mark caresses my hair" that you go to some catering school We need another waiter by the way
- You're - I stutter I'm shocked
- I suppose you'd like to make some money - he's going on
I took my place It's not like I'm the love of their lives who they give everything to They just fucked me I may be disappointed but unfortunately my life has little to do with fairy tales and those two have already given me more than I could have hoped for I nod We're going to a beauty salon where they're going to de-Hair me (I didn't give them too much work) and they're going to put a cool haircut on my head It's almost nightfall I'm going home but my day will be bright again tomorrow
The huge beach villa is swimming in light I told grandma I found a job in a 24-hour ABC He even complimented me on how conscientious I am instead of slacking off like young people today making money He wasn't wrong about that last one
There were three of us waiting for the guests: me in a tight neon pink shorts which left my butt completely free and in a matching top Alfredo White femfix with golden brown skin dressed as a maid and Roni a black guy like a Greek statue whose white thong was more prominent than concealing his large cock
The guests were moving slowly In terms of their age most of them are well beyond the fourth X They also had a variety of features: besides beer bellies there were a few frames Music was raging - mostly ' 80s hits-and the volume of drinks in the house was dangerously low
They're asking me to dance My partner is short stocky with a small soft moustache I know that last part because after he put his arm around me the first thing he did was kiss me I think his name is Peter We started dancing too It was a slow song He held me tight I touched him and felt his dick on my thigh His hand slipped down my butt and caressed it My body was filled with pleasant tingling
- Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are Danika?
"Many" I smiled though he might have been my grandfather by his age there was something attractive about him
- Of course you've slept with a lot of guys
- No I'll keep smiling mark and Fred were first
- No kidding? - it amazes me - I envy you You're gonna have so much fun
– I hope so - I'll hold her tighter
- It's gonna be a magical night - whisper it in my ear while your hand slipped between the half-balls of my butt And I took it and I touched his dick through his pants
Our lips touched her lips moved gently on mine I licked his delicate soft mouth and then ran my tongue through his teeth until I found his tongue Half-open mouth slow kissing We were still making out when another mouth stuck to my neck the little pit the shoulder and it covered my skin with sensual tiny kisses And it's like I've been caressed by two hands one on each thigh I'm shocked to see my partner doubled because he's behind me
- Meet my twin brother Matt grinning And I'm relieved they laughed I'm not crazy yet
There's a little bottle right in front of me "Sniff" they say and I obey them They're pushing me towards a couch and I fall down and I put my head on Peter's lap and I put my legs on Matt's lap and then I turned a little sideways and I steered Peter's dick in my mouth Though it was no more than a foot tall Sweet naked tail At first I just took the acorn and I gently sucked it licking the head My saliva was mixed with the characteristic taste of the pre-med which turned me on even more I let the rod out of my lips and I licked it all the way down a couple of times and then I swallowed it again all the way down this time His brother stroked my pink pants on my thighs and while one of his fingers irritated my buttocks he began to jerk me around Snort And then another
They're gonna put me on all fours head to Peter Butt to Matt I leaned over his nice hard tail and shoved it down my throat while I was free-handed caressing his bag the tense testicles I was sucking on it fast definitely at least in that weird state of mind it seemed fast enough()


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