Heather Knows How To Give A Great Deepthroat Blowjob

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Then maybe we should start with me getting married But lucky for me I have chosen a very nice beautiful girl She's got a shapely figure nice tits and a round bottom which is exactly my type After the wedding we moved in with them because she and her mother lived in a big house together Her father died a long time ago It's worth noting about my new mother-in-law that although he was above the fourth x he looked pretty damn good I don't know what your secret is how you managed to "maintain" yourself like that but there wasn't any objectionable stuff on it His long black hair which reached the center of his buttocks and his dimensions may speak for themselves : 100 - 60 - 90 I'm sorry Every time I masturbated my mind would roll around him
Once Upon a time as my wife's work wished she went away for the weekend again That's when I thought big and decided to fuck my mother-in-law I just had to make him do it I'll write down how I did it in case I give someone a good idea I got up early Saturday morning to do it Since there was only one bathroom in the house on the ground floor where my mother-in-law lived there was nothing strange about shaving My mama I used to call her that usually woke up at exactly 7: 45 pm on the dot and then went to the bathroom to get cleaned up I chose this time point and I opened the door half an inch open and started shaving naked The bathroom was like a three-way bathroom cabinet and I opened the right side so I could see the door I didn't have to wait too long after a few minutes my mother-in-law showed up at the door first she wanted to come in but when she saw me naked she put me back in closed the door as far as it was open and left Then I thought I had failed but after a few secondshe came back to the door and started looking at me from behind It occurred to me right away that I was on the straight and narrow I continue the shave but of course half an eye on the door watching while of course it I played the thing dúdorászva I started shaking my butt I do like dancing The effect was indescribable to my mother-in-law's eyes and her face was blushing more and more indicating to me that she was getting aroused After a while when I had finished shaving I washed the rest of the foam off my face and I still danced back towards the door But I kept an eye on him from the mirror I must have been quite close to the door when pretending to hear a noise I suddenly turned around and came upon my mother-in-law with a fright You must have been a little surprised because you stopped caressing your breasts immediately and stood in front of me with your head turned in confusion and I think you couldn't move because you suddenly felt that you were looking at a completely naked manHis eyes immediately clung to my ManhoodI said hello to him my dear:
- Good Morning - Good Morning And all he did was interrupt me mumbling while he was looking at my dick
It's been a long time since she's been with a man and she could get away from the sight of dicks because she stood in front of me like a teenager who's never seen a dick in her life I got closer to him and that's when he realized the situation because he wanted to run away It was quite easy for me to break his attempt because I quickly took his hand and pulled him back He stood in front of me in confusion and his eyes were blown off Since I was still holding his hand to resist I didn't put turoen on my dick First he tried to get away but I wouldn't let him That's when he looked me in the eye and maybe at that moment he understood what I wanted from him Slowly he began to caress her with his hands and moved closer I soon realized what I had in mind that ever since I saw it I've always wanted to do this He took it with his other hand and began to squeeze the wine slightly on my Acorn It felt really good
He must have been beating him a minute or two when I took his little shirt he used to sleep in and pulled it up with a firm gesture and I pulled it out of him holding his hand I asked him to start sucking And he'd pull his mouth and say:
- I can'the disgusts me I thought it was fine I sat my dick on the side of the tub between her breasts and told her to squeeze them together When she did that I started fucking her tits what can I say? it felt fantastic Well that's when after a while my dick popped out between her breasts and her tongue flattened my Acorn I pulled my dick out of her tits and put it right in her mouth and she wanted to pull her head out but I grabbed her with both hands and I started sucking my dick He was definitely getting into the blow job because I didn't even have to hold his head anymore and instinctively he put his hand in the game and he started massaging the base of my dick and my balls I couldn't take it much longer I came right into his mouth he must have been surprised because when I came he pulled my dick out of his mouth and stared at him with astonishment but still beating()


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