Shy Brunette Teen Has Rough Sex

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My name is Andrew 53 years old and I've been trucking for 25 years practically day and night Thanks to my work I've never had a family or a lasting relationship but I have casual sex partners Most of the time I choose "prey" on dating sites but I've dealt with roadside professionals By the way I look more like Ganxta Zolee than anyone else and I always get that from clients The only difference is I'm a little bit bigger than him and I don't have a tattoo
This time I'm going to tell you a true story that happened to me on the way home I was on the main road between Keszthely and Fonyód in my truck when I noticed an enchanting phenomenon: on the side of the road was a sexy roma girl with a 20-gauge girlish face who was apparently waiting for the next client I did not hesitate because I was very hungry - the last time I was with a woman three weeks before-I put the beacon on the right and pulled over to the side of the road right next to the pretty girl with the body That's when I saw that he was much younger and smaller than I first thought so it would be nice if he was 5 ' 2 " tall Her breasts seemed natural but they were astonishingly large Her hair was black and long her butt was tight and her eyes were cyanide I rolled down the window and I called him out:
- How much? - I asked him straight to the point
- Blow job two thousand sex with a rubber three no rubber five - he answered
- Get in the car There's a truck stop not far from here We'll discuss the details on the way - I told you He listened got in the passenger seat Well you should know that I like talking to girls like that not just as a means to an end I still did
- What's your name?
- For vincenzia But you can call me Vini
- How old are you Vini?
He looked down at the question and he seemed very embarrassed You're obviously not used to this kind of question - I thought so
- I turned 14 two weeks ago - he said it at last and he looked me in the eye
Well what can I say? all of a sudden I couldn't spit at the answer I could hear it I never asked again The gypsy girl stared at me all the way and began to stroke her beautiful breasts with her fingers I don't have to tell you my dick exploded
- You're crazy you idiot - there was a voice in my head - There's a 14-year-old fuck machine sitting next to you whose sight excites me more than any woman I've ever seen
Meanwhile we reached the truck stop turned off the main road and got out of the vehicle I pointed to the forest and Vini went there without a word and I followed him behind him When we were no longer in sight of the road the Gypsy Girl turned and before I said anything she came to me and kissed me We got into a wild tongue fight and there was a sense of professionalism After a while he got down on his knees unbuttoned my pants and showed him my six-inch hard dick Vini gave him a massage with his hand then put it in his mouth and started sucking it sensuously At first he smoked it lightly and then he went into extreme gear and then he went into deep stasis()


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