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Alexander was awakened by the sound of the alarm clock from his restless oppressive sleep He opened his eyes and saw the empty ceiling of the bedroom on which the aftermath of the dream drew some blurred visions His heart was racing He remembered being chased by an unrecognizable mollusc monster through the corridors of the night through buttless pits All his senses opened up to the horror: he heard the slithering slimy sounds of the monster felt his foolish rage He was exhausted from his escape feeling that he had no hope left so he turned and faced his pursuer before
By the time he woke up
He began to realize that the damn alarm was still ringing He quickly shut her up and looked at his sleeping wife Vivien She thought it was beautiful She gently fixed her hair while she gazed upon her sleepy calm face The man himself wondered despite his terrible dream how quickly he could bring back to this world
Twenty years ago at the age of 17 he married this slim long-legged chestnut-brown and never regretted it for a moment They had a happy solid marriage and they managed to raise a great little girl Alexander was very proud of his daughter; he felt he would never be ashamed of her
Now all he could think about was his wife The result of which was a rather impressive erection compared to a man who was staggering towards midlife crisis
Vivien was stretching
'Good morning my dear' whispered Alexander kissing his wife on the forehead - Rise and shine
Vivien turned on her back opened her calm gray eyes and smiled at her husband
- What time is it?
- It's almost 6: 00
 Vivien immediately recognized the desire in the eyes of Alexander with the routine of a woman who had been sharing her bed with nearly twenty men
Mostly with the same man Vivien thought a little ashamed Sanyi doesn't know about his occasional indiscretions and he doesn't need to know but he'll confess to her eventually Say at 80 if they're still alive
Now however she was distracted by her husband His slender hand slipped into his pajama bottoms
- Are you in a hurry? "she asked with a mysterious sensual half-smile in the corner of her mouth" His hand was attached to the hot hardness
'No' replied the man putting a naughty lock of hair out of his wife's face - Nowhere at all
Alexander embraced her and passionately smoothed her body Vivien sighed and touched the man to keep their hot skin in contact with the greatest possible surface Their kisses were tender all the promises of passion Vivien involuntarily spread her legs and the man took advantage of the situation with amazing speed and his hand glided on his wife's fiery lower body He still had time to stroke the manned pubic mound and had reached the clitoris's stern-looking antlers when Vivien surprisingly strong and nimble firmly rolled it on his back
'Sanyi' he began in a veiled tone while his right hand continued to squeeze his hard - core tool - When was the first time you kissed a girl? Oh I forgot
- Huh-Alexander was confused His adrenalin from his excited glands was all over his brain He didn't understand why she was asking him that - When I was 14 I went to school in Sopron at the time It was in the schoolyard
 She smiled and gave her husband a long sensual kiss - Was it better than this?
- Alexander was clearing his throat after the disturbing kiss - That girl had wet lips and
- When did you first sleep with someone?
- You mean it
- I mean anything
- A year later High School school field trip Her name was Mari and
- What did he do to you?  Vivien kept smiling and clutching her husband's cock
- Well he jerked off He was reluctant but I made him drink a couple of glasses of punch and
Vivien's hand started moving He gently pulled the skin on the tool with slow movements squeezing it once in a while
Alexander was starting to sweat
- Was it good? "she asked in a hoarse voice while her hands did their work"
- No I'm not It wasn't very good The Mari did it rough and then disgusted he wiped his hand in the sheet
With Vivien's finalized index finger on the phallus in her hand gathering a little preemption Then he lifted his finger to his mouth and gave him a sensual blowjob while looking into Alexander's eyes The man swallowed one and felt his body was beginning to numb It was unusual for her: Vivien hadn't done anything like this in a long time
- So who gave you the first blow job? The same one you put it in?
Alexander was shocked Vivien hasn't used words like that in years


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