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After a while I've been interviewing people for extra money
In one of the houses I rang a man about 5o still charming answered the door He invited me in we sat in the living room I filled out a questionnaire and then we started talking Sometimes I could see in his eyes that he wasn't looking into my eyes he was looking at my breasts as he spoke to me I almost instinctively pulled myself out so my breasts were even more bulging though they could hardly fit under my blouse All of a sudden the speech was about sex
We were pretty much in the middle of the slippery stuff and then he just stepped behind my chair and
- I want to touch your breastshe said
I couldn't speak out of surprise and his hands were on my shoulder and they started slipping under my blouse on both sides I wanted to get up from the chair but my shoulders held me back
"Let yourself go my dear you will enjoy it" he said and his warm hands slipped under my blouse again She reached into my bra she reached under my breasts she caressed them she massaged them All my resistance was gone I sat comfortably back in the chair and enjoyed his hot hand on my chest She unbuttoned my blouse she unbuttoned my bra in the front and she took it off me at the same time With his warm palm he continued to pamper my breasts which were very sharp and sensitive Then he went around the chair and he got down on his knees and he caressed my thighs unbuttoned my jeans and I lifted my hips a little bit so he could take it off me When I was only in a thong I was sitting in the chair with my thighs slightly apart and the old man was caressing my thighs licking the inside of my thighs and I could not wait for him to reach my vagina with his ticklish moustache when a man of the same age entered the room /as it turned out later it was the neighbor who found the door open and came inHe was surprised at the situation but then John the host said " Since you're already here bring the video camera and have this event recorded" That's how the neighbor filmed it standing next to the chair John continued his exploration of my thighs and reached under my panties which was already covered in water He was touching me by my thong and then the thong came off With his moustache mouth he licked my pussy and licked my lips between my lips which obediently opened I threw one of my thighs through the armrest of the chair and I spread my legs wider and I really enjoyed licking it moving my chin And the neighbor leaned over and said " lick his pussy he likes it so much" meanwhile with his free hand he began to grab my breasts He was excited with his fingers while he was licking me With his two fingers like he was fucking me he was stabbing me and my breasts were jumping from the shock the neighbor was trying to hold Then the neighbor placed the camera on the table so that the recording would continue but he could participate in the events Meanwhile the John undressed and with his swollen cock stood beside my chair I started stroking it slowly pulling the skin on it and then I started to tighten it and beat it up Meanwhile the neighbor after dropping her clothes on the chair kneeled between my legs and now she's spoiling my pussy At first he put his thick fat finger inside me reaching in as long as he could and began to lick me I was writhing getting more and more excited and I began to suck the big cock of my house who with great skill had his tool in my mouth pulled it out of my mouth put it back in took it out of my mouth again shook it put it back in my mouth I used to massage my breasts with my free hands while the neighbor was poking his fingers in me and licking my clitoris I felt like I was comingI came with my hips up and twitching
- I told you you'd enjoy it and we haven't even fucked you yet but I think it's time to get my dick in your pussy ' cause I'm about to cum in your mouth


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