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It's summer it's summer and it's summer Summer is not just a word that means a season between spring and autumn A lot more than that I didn't know that until a few days ago but the things that happened changed my stereotype of summer Because what we really think these few months are Gay which is against Blue Bloods relaxing which only causes cramps and not relaxation or vacation time for a little extra work or even work at all And in fact the simple man is right But I have more summer now A never-ending memory that has made me feel eternal heat It's not love oh I don't tie myself to such spiritual shackles That summer happened to the single and unrepeatable I was 20 years old then they say if someone after very we long then sooner or later we get If we desire it more than anything we forget the events that pass us by
When I looked at a girl and a woman all I could see was what the first time would be like I have not seen such things as eyes lips or the vigour of his voice or the grace of his movement A body was made of a bosom if it stood with its back it was made of an ass or thighs
I had girl friends I didn't really meet them or if I did my eyes and my mind went in a different direction which they didn't tolerate very much after a while In today's world if you stay a virgin for too long you're looking down on them like you have to lose them I never had a girlfriend before There were people I liked but somehow I couldn't get to know them I thought it would happen when the time came We had a home remodel so I was usually late for everything I couldn't tell my parents:
- They have to go nowwe'll paint the rest tomorrow One day a nice lady friend of mine came to see me Your visit was unexpected but as it turned out we were supposed to meet 20 minutes before My room wasn't exactly in a state to see anyone Although it was typical when there was no wallpaper and Styrofoam on the floor I was on the ladder when he walked into the room It was almost perfect visibility Because of the heat he didn't hide what nature gave him I forgot my eyes in her bosom for a moment
- Hi - hi What About You?
- Hi - hi What time do you think it is? - he asked with some mockery in his voice
- I don't know As you can see my room is not fit to put a clock on the wall right now
- Then I'll answer it We were supposed to meet 20 minutes ago
- Really? - yeah
- Yeah - yeah But it doesn't matter now
- Since you're here do you want to help? - I asked him with his head down I completely forgot I was supposed to meet anyone
- You've got some nerve
Father came into the room
- Aren't you going to offer the lady anything? What kind of host are you?
- Apparently it's bad Can I get you something to drink or eat?- I asked him forced a smile on my face
- No thank you
- I just came in to let you know Your mother and I have to leave now You can finish this part yourself Or if not we'll be home in a few hours Hello everyone
- Hi - hi
- Good-bye
After father's departure there was a few seconds of silence Now I know what it was I was embarrassed as a debutante before I left the room
 If you'll excuse me I'd like a drink
- Be my guest
He's seen my confusion I was in an awkward position and I couldn't handle it right there and then I was in the kitchen a little longer than I needed to be
- I'm sorry
 Which one is it this time exactly?
- Well uh-huh for being late for not being received properly
He was standing right in front of me I put my head down trying to make more of a play for regret He was as tall - even now-as I am So I could see right through her breasts I forgot all about them After a few seconds and a few "uh-uh-uh-uh" s I picked up my eyes
- My eyes are two inches higher
I couldn't have been more disturbed I made a mistake
- Yes of course I know that
- You're embarrassed Why?
- No I'm not
- That wasn't a question
- I did I did I turned away I wasn't looking It was like he could see right through me He saw into my desires In the conversation came the part that I played to myself many times but I couldn't do it in practice And then came the coup de grace
- Are you a virgin?
The question surprised me I had my back to him so he couldn't see my face I forced anger on him and turned in a feisty manner
- What's it to you exactly? But if you're so curious about it you should know it's not I've been with a woman before more than one a lot and many times


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