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I'm Katya 32 years old I raise my daughter katika alone My husband left us six years ago for an 18-year-old woman
I and my daughter were the characters in this story and not out of pride I might add but it did happen
Others say I'm a very attractive and youthful-looking woman Katika is 14 years old advanced for her age Nice-looking tits round but not a big ass cute cheeks blond shoulder hair Like me but a little younger
Although I have received many offers from both men and women I have rarely taken the opportunity With my daughter being raised I didn't have much time for my personal life So we stayed in the old-fashioned masturbation When my daughter went to sleep I used to watch porn and pet my pussy So I was just happy to see other people getting laid In the movies all the girls are naked or obsessed with pussy I felt like it too and I shaved it bare I really liked the view and I spread it around and the next day I'm going to work without my underwear It felt so good when the wind blew under my skirt sometimes I've never felt like this before
And that's where the story begins:
When I came home from work my daughter was in the shower So we greeted each other in the bathroom with two kisses My daughter was never ashamed of meI bathed her a few years ago I went to the mirror and put my hair together and we started talking about what happened today My eyes kept catching on to Katika's hairy pussy not as if I hadn't seen it enough but after my naked cunt it seemed strange
- Daughter Do you know Velcro is out of fashion? - I interrupted what you had to say
- What Velcro? I don't know what you're talking about
- Your pussy
- What's wrong with my pussy? - he looked under his belly
- It's not your pussyit's your hair - Look at mine-and I pulled up my skirt
- Mom Since when do you shave? And when did you stop wearing panties? - I'm shocked And then he said " it's like sex moviesit's like sex movies"
- Wait since when do you watch a sex movie?
- I didn't we were just filming at the Verus ' House and we accidentally put on a movie like this but we immediately took it out - you could tell it wasn't true because it was blushing
And I've noticed a lot of times that my tapes aren't back on the shelf like I left them
- All right Don't be ashamed I used to watch it too so it helps me relax If you know what I mean?
- Well I think I get it
- Would you like some of that "sex-movie" pussy? - I askedand we started laughing
- Yeah I want to but how do you do it? I'm not gonna cut myself?
 Actually it's not easyI made it out of a mirror But if you want I can help you
- Good I'd Rather You Do It mom because I'm so miserable I'd cut myself
- Come sit on the edge of the tub and spread your legs as far as you can First I cut it small with scissors
- I trust you - she smiled and offered her pussy to work He saw how embarrassed I was when I touched his pubic body sometimes I never thought I'd be shaving my daughter's pussy Even though I didn't want to admit it to myself I liked the situation
- mom Feel free to touch my pussy don't worry you washed it a few years ago How are you gonna shave him if he's such a wuss? You're my mother you can touch my body whenever you want
- Yeah you're right - I told you Give me that razor foam I was so much more comfortable putting foam on her pussy and I thought " is she masturbating to my tape too?" And how do you do it? I was more and more interested It was nice rubbing her pussy I was getting excited and I got braver First I shaved the hill of pubic hair then the outside of the pubic lips I purposely kept touching his clitoris more and more I saw him enjoying it and he's silent about our little game When I was done shaving and washing it with water I deliberately rubbed the pussy from the posi hole and looked into his eyes I felt it very wet


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