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The journey was quite pleasant Despite the fact that they were all a little afraid of him they had to cross almost half of Europe to achieve their goal Climatologists all and many years after so many written but rejected requests are finally on their way to an observation post in the middle of the worst part of Europe where they have all the equipment equipment computers at their disposal for a week so they can carry out their measurements and observations as they please This is a huge success for them because under different laboratory conditions simulating climate change on a computer than live in reality it is observed where there are two sea currents 30 kilometres from the coast of the sea and on land the equatorial offshore and continental air currents meet You can't simulate that in a laboratory Here the weather changes from hour to hour depending on which current prevails
Peter who was just driving jokingly used to say that currents make love here all the time and depending on their orgasms or a sensual weak breeze drizzle or a huge overwhelming storm accompanied by lightning a downpour or a rainstorm or a thunderstorm Peter is the oldest among them not so much just a year older than the others he was the first to graduate from college - where they all went together Peter is an expert on ground air currents He is tall dark - haired athletic-which can be said of all of them since they often go to fitness together swim together and sometimes play football with the girls
Juli Peter's girlfriend sat next to him in the front seat of the car he was taking a nap Slim long blond hair blue eyes she's a beauty Now he sleeps on Peter's shoulder Looks like he's tired from the flight He is an expert on the impact of marine currents on weather conditions
Zoltan is in the back with his girlfriend Anna Zoltan's a little shorter than Peter brown hair brown eyes mustache He's an expert on storms he was in a group with Anna in college
Anna is also a slender pretty red - haired green-eyed demon as Zoltan sometimes calls her He's an expert on storms Peter also noted that when they got into the car at the airport the Stormy corner would be back there
They'll be at the station in about half an hour Since college he's been working with four and they've been given a small laboratory at the meteorological institute where they make weather forecasts make measurements They had a long dream of spending a few days at this observation post They sent applications to ministries foundations every place that exists and doesn't exist - for a long time without success until finally someone at the ministry admitted their work and received the week all their expenses will be reimbursed The measurements and evaluation carried out here will be a good basis for your doctoral dissertation which all four of you are preparing for
They've finally arrived They were received outside the building by the station manager Since the four had been exhausted during the long journey the director recommended that they walk around the Institute together introduce colleagues - twelve people worked there in total three of them alternated in three shifts He showed them the SUV the equipment the instruments the computers that they could use handed out maps to everyone and finally showed them their quarters There were two rooms a shower a toilet a small kitchenette ideal for the four of you The director suggested they get some rest and meet tonight However Peter who was the most recent of them noticed on one of the monitors that the pressure conditions had suddenly changed and it is more than likely that there will be a storm within a short period of 2-3 hours tops and he did not want to miss this As he noted in front of the others they agreed Of course that there would be no rest but that they would just shower eat something and go into the field and it would be a shame to miss such an opportunity
With Peter Juli they took the first room and with Anna Zoltan they took the back They took off their clothes went to take a shower with Juli Anna first Peter and Zoltan were talking in the little hallway in front of the shower - what else the weather Juli first stepped out of the shower wrapped in a towel he ran in front of the boys in his room as he spoke:
- Make sure we don't miss it - then he disappeared into the room
Anna soon quit the shower wiping herself completely naked and indecently in front of the men Zoltan said with a smile:
 Have you noticed my dear that Peter is here?


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