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It was summer it was smothering hot Even though we were down at Lake Balaton and not so far from the water it was almost unbearably hot
I was in a little cottage me and my parents My days have been kind of boring but I've been enjoying my busy days here
I was sitting on the terrace of the cottage reading some book and I heard some car coming It was the neighbors What you need to know is that it was twins and a house in short a common courtyard and a house that was separated only by an inner wall They were nice and decent neighbors family We haven't seen each other since we live in a completely different part of the country But this time of summer we have a chance to meet
I waved to Uncle Jack and his wife when they got out of the car That's when I saw someone else coming with them and I was wondering who it was The door opened slowly and then I saw a foot and then a start
- Hey guys - My father shouted to them and went to greet them I didn't rest and I went We shook hands kissed and we did the honors when I turned around
- Sara You've grown so much - My mother says I completely forgot about the third tag I turned around and couldn't spit or swallow and I saw a fairy
- Hello Bocsánatde I have to go now - Then he stormed out A beautiful blonde girl with a thin face like a kingdom of heaven I couldn't get a good look at her but I was already in love with her
I did take all day I didn't see him I didn't want my parents to see that I cared about her especially since she's my second cousin
I woke up in the morning I drank my coffee and then reading a newspaper I sat out in my favorite place in a pair of shorts From time to time I'd look around see if I could see Sara but I was disappointed
"Dani" said My father looking - Tonight with the neighbors and some relatives it's a barbecue You'd better get this place ready
Normally I wouldn't have liked it because it was hot as hell already but I was bored So I walked slowly behind the house where the campfire used to be As usual there was nothing in place so I cleaned it up nice and slow Suddenly I heard a noise not far from me
I looked over there My eyes met with Sara and I froze just like my genitals The girl she was exercising in a bathing suit He smiled at me and then he went on with what he was doing I was a little timid but I got closer It was less than a hundred yards away so not far
 I said to him he looked at me and he smiled
- Hey Dani right? - I nodded - I'd like to finish this if you don't mind You know I have to
- It's all right it's all right "I said with a big smile on my face for he was standing with his back to me and taking a nice peek and unfortunately he looked at me from time to time so I could not put my eyes infinitely on the back of his head" She had beautiful slightly brown skin and the bath dress especially when bent like this covered almost nothing Unfortunately I couldn't look a little lower so I couldn't get a closer look at her pussy but it was hot enough as it was I didn't even notice
- Dani - He's talking to me and I was scared looking for his face  Well if you want you can help me out a little ' cause stretching is good
- You're welcome tell me what to do
- It's simple you come here and you follow me wherever I move and when you see that I can't move you lean on me Not too hard just relax
- So I'm actually working out with you?
- Actually yes - My eyes are bright
It's like you said I had to get close to him and I even touched him and he became a kind of symbiosis because I took him gently and controlled him and where he said I hit him It was so hot I could actually touch almost every part of her body her waist arm back everything It smelled nice though we were both sweating I was afraid I might smell a little bit but I didn't Then came a part that was better than anything Now he leaned forward as when I came I did not follow him here but I touched him I knew my dick was up and I knew you'd get to it It's been like 20 minutes straight so I've had all my inhibitions down When he leaned down I had to push down his waist and I did it on purpose so that my dick would touch his preferably his pussy I think I did it I could feel it clinging to it and I could feel my underwear getting wet
- Sara…
- Oh yeah?
That's all I had to say and then I took my pants off and took my dick out the front He didn't say a wordall I could focus on was finding his pussy I've been with a woman before so pretty soon I'd find her with my eyes closed except there was a bathing suit in here()


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