How to sexually annoy your secretary properly

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I can see Friday night ahead of me putting on my favorite hot nightgown loving to see the desire in your eyes
I walk in you're already holding me smoothing me over my thirsty body Through the silk I can feel the heat of your hand I'll quickly undress you kiss your naked wine We fall on the bed we don't let each other go for a second I can feel your desire growing as I caress my kisses and fingers You're only wearing blue silk boxers now You lie on your back you give yourself over to me your eyes closed I kiss your face your neck and I go down and down I'll slowly rub the pants off you You already know what I'm about to do and yet your body twitches and a loud sigh comes out of your mouth when I strike you gently with my playful tongue First I'm just gonna circle around gently and then when I feel like I'm a good influence on your dick I'm gonna swallow it all up I work on it with my tongue and teeth sometimes slow and sometimes fast;
Now you're sighing all the time begging me to stop playing the sweet game because you can't take it anymore I'm having a hard time ripping my favorite Lollipop out of my mouth but I will please you()


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