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Me and my girlfriend Marti got into town at 10: 00 András as the host was already waiting for us at the station and he drove me to them When I walked in the music was screaming
as I recall BEP there was There were not so many of us it was about 10 or 13 peoplebut Andris did not care about me and it was terrible and I went to one of the baths to cry because my heart was pounding for Andris so I spent about 10 minutes in the bathroom with a bottle of tokai
Well I don't drink so I got a little drunk and I had a really good time The bathroom had two entrances I didn't notice which one I came in on but I didn't really care I went out on the one closest to me and in a bedroom presumably I found myself in the parents ' room of my beloved With a loud scream I went down to the bed and I bounced on the expensive French bed
I imagined what it would be like to have sex with Andrés on it I thought about the scene: I lay naked missionary position and Andris gently penetrates me while he looks deep into my eyeswith those beautiful green eyes and I dig into his light brown hairand I groan a little bit in his ear and then the beautiful feeling makes him lean over my bosom and gently pushes me to the top
I felt like I was crazy wet and my index finger dancing in my pants I let my feelings my heart my soul dictate I didn't care if anyone came in and saw it I decided to take it easy So I lay on the bed and pampered myself with my hands thinking of Andris all the time I caressed my clitoris it felt really good It was more sensual more subtle than boring night masturbation
So I was massaging my clitoris and I heard a loud thump and the next thing I know I'm in a choir laughing I got scared and reached for my wine but I couldn't find it I got up real quick and I saw it was a little further away I took the rest of it with a smile and went to the bathroom to wash my hands because it was so shiny now I didn't want anyone to see me I quickly went to the bathroom but to my surprise it was already taken
Andris was standing in front of the toilet with his pants unbuttoned holding his masculinity his face dismayed and his fright I suppose mine as well
I turned around fast I wanted to run out but he grabbed my hand He held her tight and I didn't dare turn around You didn't have to He came up to me his pants were all down and I could feel his dick on my thigh even through my skirt
He whispered in my ear that he saw me as he said "I played with myself" and he couldn't help himself I smiled at him I went to the washing machine and I rocked my butt and I sat on it and I put my legs up and I opened them up Andris never took his eyes off me I took a sip of wine put it down and then I reached into my pants and started caressing my pussyI started moaning I unbuttoned my shirt with my other hand and I pushed the straps of my bra down my shoulder Andris sighed a big sigh his hands on his tail were moving faster his acorns were clearly red so swollen after my pussy()


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