Little Step Sister Hides in the Attic – Lolo Punzel – Family Therapy

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The darkness has already emerged from the leaves and the streets have opened their petals of light the yellow glass flowers of the columns Cold autumn rain came knocking at the windows of the rooms and the wind played a cruel game from here and there under the screens and coats of passersby
She was sitting in her room Deep into his thoughts and memories The last day the work the shops the street the fall the cold it's all behind you He was in some old spring when he felt alive when those eyes were laughing at him even those arms were holding him She was happy then He's happy because he heard her voice Saw Her laugh felt her kiss and her love because at the time he thought his love would last forever
There have been times when a relationship he thought was important to him has disappeared but none of it has left such a profound impression Now the days pass almost unnoticed and the solitude of the evenings alone as if wrapped in a transparent shell You know you shouldn't be alone you shouldn't be called many many ways
But the memories hold him it's been almost a year ever since then he hasn't been able to smile at anyone with a pure heart
He's just sitting on the edge of his bed right now trying to remember some sweet old memory The room is filled with tunes from the speakers They're soft and tingly It's almost the only thing that comes to it from the real world She had already bathed but she wasn't naked under her robe She put on her best lingerie as if she was waiting for her It's as if he hopes to walk through the door hold her and cover her with kisses his hands give her a thousand pleasures to discover her beautifully-ensconced burning body
In his thoughts he slowly caressed his neck and thigh This made the robe open a little and the pale light of the lamp glided freely through her silky skin her tight stockings her head falling back He was lying on the bed legs up eyes closed head back and he saw her bend over him as his mouth approaches he could feel his touch
Suddenly something hit the window Not so pricklybut soft like rain but dull She opened her eyes and looked at the window There were shadows on the glass as soon as the street light came through the leaves but as if something had broken the rhythm of this letter dance as if a shadow had moved differently She didn't know if she saw anything or if it was just her imagination the wind and the rain playing tricks on her He got up from the bed and stepped to the window He looked out but he didn't see anything The street and garden were empty He had almost turned back towards the room when his eyes settled on one of the small fat rain drops which was about to leave the window to somehow reach his destination the Earth The breaking light trembled a little as he collected strength and then slowly hesitated She was watching him He didn't know why but somehow this tiny sea held his eyes to him The raindrops kept falling He wrote down roads to girbegur stoppedand joined him with a new drop and the two of them began to rush on slowing down again and turning again and a new drop :like people in life she thought Meanwhile the drop had reached the bottom of the window She looked down and suddenly in the rain she saw a figure outside the glass window He was crouching outside the window He sat with his legs up Back against the wall He put his head on his knee and the rain came down from his black hair
As the girl noticed for a moment she was frightened but surprised to see that she felt no fear He had some kind of excited curiosity He looked at the figure and almost involuntarily got his hand on the window doorknob He slowly opened the two glass wings The man sat still I'm sure you heard what was going on but you didn't move like you thought you were hoping they wouldn't notice The girl was struck by the damp air from the outside He pulled his robe a little closer and reached forward He touched all the wet clogged black hair The head went up a bit slowly turning to the side Two big brown eyes looked at her There was a gentle fire in the eyes Perhaps this inner fire made the boy though drenched in the ferociously cold rain not shudder She caressed the boy's face From the eyes that looked at him there was a soft warmth Gently touching the face he raised his hand The boy followed the move and stood up She took his hand and stepped back towards the room while his eyes did not for a moment separate from the warm loving gaze of the boy
They were both in the room She was still holding his hand Large fat drops of wet cloth fell on the carpet and in moments a dark wet spot was drawn between the red patterns She loosened her waist and let her robe fall from her shoulders The boy also got rid of his wet clothes()


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